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Fun deck ideas and AP suggestions for returning player.

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My, it has been a while hasn't it? Some might rememebr me from 2011 where I inquired a few questions about the game and finally got into it, but only till now have I actually got the people to play it. Ironically these people is only 1 person in fact, but well what are you going to do?

Thing is, I've got a budget that I can now spend freely (sort of) on a couple of asylum packs.

My objective now is to make some fun decks for both of us, since I'll be the one actually buying the cards I was planning on buying these aslyum packs.

  • Initiations of the favored
  • Whispers in the dark
  • Shifting sand, this pack is  a must since it has a lot of nice story cards to keep story phases fresh and not monotonous
  • Ancient Horrors, has some really sweet big guys to the factions we mostly play.
  • The cacophony
  • The spoken Covenant

So yes basically we wish to make two fun decks , what I mean is  not especifcally great decks but atleast have somewhat of a theme or engine to work on; for example a deck based on insanity/destruction , or discard rush darkyoung based deck or who knows,  but at the same time keeping it simple I guess.

Now my question to you guys, do you suggest any other 6 aslyum packs that can make up a fun deck for hastur/cthulhu or hastur/syndicate, and on the other side for Yogsothoth/Shubniggurath; this combination would be for my friend. So mention atleast 6 aslyum packs that make up a nice pool to have a few other alternatives if necessary.

I'm also thinkin of getting another core set due to the cards being too good to pass up, thanks in advance guys.

Hope I'm not asking for too much, cheers.



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