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Close Combat and Divided Targets

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Typically you can divide up the weapons in a unit to attack multiple units, however, it says that in Close Combat, units may only use Combat Weapons with other Close Combat weapons. I'm curious if they've said "UNIT", when they should have said "MODEL".
I understand that a model in my unit that uses a close combat weapon can not also use it's ranged weapon to attack another (or the same) target.
However, can one MODEL in the unit do a close combat attack while a different MODEL in the same unit does a ranged attack? ie. one Grim Reaper close combats, while a different Grim Reaper in the same unit does a ranged attack against another target (or the same target for that matter).
It also says only one unit may be attacked in a Close Combat action, but again, is that on a model by model basis? For example, could I have one model in my unit target "1" enemy unit, while a different model in the same unit targets a different enemy unit that is also within close combat.
It seems like if I have my unit spread out (potentially one model could be 12 inches from another and still within 6 inches of the leader) then shouldn't one model be able to be in CC, while another is engaged in a different form of combat?
Thanks in advance!

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I agree with em_en_oh_pee.


The use of Unit is on purpose. CR p57

First bullet point under Close Combat Weapons, second line "Weapons with a range other than "C" cannot be used during the attack."

Second bullet point, "Only one unit may be attacked during a Close Combat Attack action, the attacker may not split its attacks between multiple target units."


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