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Simple But Effective.

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just building decks as usual. everything and anything. here's an old one i revisited that is a nice little games convention or tier 2 deck that i like playing every now and again. yes. it IS Shub, but not in any form that's meta oriented. just a nice easy no frills build. simple but effective.


3 x Lodge Neophyte
3 x Black Dog
3 x Initiate of Huang Hun
3 x Protector of Secrets
3 x Ya-te-veo
3 x Knight of the Outer Void
3 x *Lord Jeffrey Farrington
3 x Master of the Myths
3 x Hungry Dark Young
3 x Grasping Chthonian
3 x Corrupted Midwife
2 x Chupacabra

3 x Steal the Soul
3 x Unspeakable Transformation
3 x Burrowing Beneath
2 x Come to the Altar
2 x Shocking Transformation
2 x Unbound!

basically it just makes dastardly use of the bounce / draw character effects. i suppose the major points are the use of Come to the Altar to sac either a Protector of Secrets or Initiate of Huang Hun (after bouncing back a Hungry Dark Young) to make a double play in 1 turn of their effects. the same can be achieved through Shocking Transformation. Knight of the Outer Void is also one of my favourite cards for this. the game tends to sway from a lot of Characters in your turn using enter play effects and then exit play effects, followed by a smaller group of core Characters (usually with a nice Ya-Te-Veo deterrent) defending with Black Dog / Master of the Myths, along with the dual cards Steal the Soul / Unspeakable Transformation (the latter being the reason for 2 x Chupacabra for some insane combat icons).

there is also a decent spattering of support destruction, with Burrowing Beneath and (Shock Transformed) Grasping Chthonian. Lord Jeffrey is another prime Shock Transform candidate after the opponent commits for example. Corrupted Midwife for resurrecting (sac-ed) Hungry Dark Youngs etc. and finally a couple of copies of Unbound! as you tend to have a high hand count with the low Domain requirements and returning Characters, to take out a linchpin in a vital round.

so, it can be very quick with its initial opponent restrictions, and although i've tried it up against the BIG Shub decks, and had some success and some not, i dont think it would be consistent enough for tournament play (though might be if you're VERY lucky). basically, it's just a nice deck to have fun with and get your head around what's coming and what's going and how to make the most of all the bouncing around !!

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Nice deck, COCLCG. Great seeing so many Order and Rituals cards as they form the majority if my collection. Keep feeding us lurkers with posts and maybe this forum will see some more activity. How about a Miskatonic/Silver Twilight deck? :-)

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I played against this the other night, and I must say it was fun to see it in action, although coclcg cursed the entire time about not getting the cards he needed to really get it going.  I think he found the perfect (and probably only good) use for Come to the Altar. lol.

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Good, I seem to have misplaced my third copy of Come to the Altar. Hehe.

About that, maybe we should start a discussion for possible uses of not so impressive looking cards. If replying to complete decks can be a bit daunting for some, contributing to a single card discussion could be simpler. :)

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