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Tournament rules posted!

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Toqtamish said:

I was correct, game 2 does not matter as it never started. So 1 point per player.


Nate French says:

If the first game goes to time, only that first game is scored, and each player receives 1 point for the match. The second game was not played, and no result is recorded.

Regarding byes:
The "bye" should be treated as a player who loses all his games.

This means that if a player has no opponent for a round, he is considered to have won both games for that round. (This happens both with byes, and if an opponent doesn't show up for his match.)

There are a couple implications for the bye here:
1) The bye is random in the first round.
2) In all subsequent rounds, the bye, with 0 match points, is always at the bottom of the swiss standings. (This means that a player from the lowest ranked group will receive the bye.)
3) The bye contributes no points to a player's strength of schedule.

yup got this email today also.  Makes sense.  I would add to my tourney that it would be the bottom player who has not yet had a bye.  So the same player doesn't get 3 or 4 rounds of bye.

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