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Suggestions on chapter packs that are a must for stark and targaryen

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I m a new player and me and my friend enjoy playing stark and targaryen. 


Appart from the house expansions which chapter packs (if any) are a must have for these two houses?


Also I was thinking that some packs that introduce the shadow mechanics or the seasons would be a nice idea because 

it would make our game different.  In this case which packs do you think are good for these two houses? 



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I would suggest Refugees of War but the refugees just got restricted.  If you don't know what the restricted list is or don't care though, then RoW is a must.

City of Secrets contains two great cards for Stark, shadow Arya and Hungry Mob.  Bound By Duty might see use too until you get enough better cards.

Trial by Combat has lots of good stuff with No Quarter (though it should be noted that, like the refugees, this just got restricted), Knight of Harrenhal, Meraxes and Dragon Knight.

Valar Dohaeris has some good cards as well, featuring Damon, Strong Belwas and Young Griff.

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