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A Question about CaC02 Squig Trackers

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 CaC02 Squig Trackers

Action: When this unit enters play, search the top five cards of your deck for a card with the word “Squig” or “Squigs” in its title and put it into play (in any zone). Then, shuffle your deck.


When I trigger the action of CaC02 Squig Trackers, search the top five cards of your deck and put the other CaC02 “Squig” Trackers into play. Is the second CaC02 Squig Trackers triggered and resolved its action effect before the “then” effect on the first CaC02 Squig Trackers triggers?


That’s mean: Is the above condition similar to the condition of BQ10 Gathering the Winds?

If yes, does it against the rule of “no effects can be added to the action chain”?

Thanks for Reply…^_^

(PS: The Spell is played when the resolution of the action chain reaches the spot where Gathering the Winds was triggered. The played Spell cannot be canceled or responded to. It will be resolved and then discarded if it is a tactic. After the Spell is resolved the “then” effect on Gathering the Winds triggers, and it is sacrificed.)

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I think you'll have to shuffle your deck before the Action of the new Squig Trackers take effect, since you first triggered it's Action after you started resolving the first Squig Trackers Action. So it it didn't go on the same chain as the first Sguig Trackers.

The reason why you can use Gathering the Winds multiple times, is that you can trigger it as many times as you see fit (and can pay for), then all the Actions will chain up and start resolving. As long as you paid the cost for the actions, they will take effect, even though Gathering the Winds are removed (sacrificed) after the first effect is resolved.

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