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X-Wing League @ Dream Wizards, Rockville, MD, Starting 3/6

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The past few weeks Killian has been working with the staff of DW to organize an X-Wing League to coincide with the launch of the wave two ships from Fantasy Flight. It is going to be a very easy going league with just having fun and playing the game being the main focus. The only thing we will keep track of is if you play on any give Wednesday at Dream Wizards during the month of March.
Entry into the league is $10 from which close to half will be compiled into a prize pool which gets you the following benefits!
-10% Off all X-Wing preorders and non-limited X-Wing Product (Your BWG/DW Alliance membership does NOT include X-Wing product so this is the way to get it!)
-Wave Two promo items which include over sized pilot cards, acrylic tokens, and maybe some other little things. (We don't have the actual sets in yet from FF so I'm not 100% sure what each person will get.)
-Each Wednesday during the month of March that you play X-Wing in the store you will receive a raffle ticket. On Wednesday, April 3rd. We will hold a drawing for various prizes that we purchased with the funds from the prize pool. The more people we have participating, the bigger the prizes! Prizes can be anything from DW Gift Certificates to Wave Two ships! You do not have to be present to win your prize but you DO have to buy into the league! (You also don't have to buy into the League to play but you don't get any cool items or raffle tickets.)
Again, the goal of this league is to grow interest in X-Wing, teach people the game, and have some space battle fun!
I will be available for demo games whenever someone wants to learn. I've got enough ships for both Rebels and Imperials to field 100pt lists so you don't even have to have models yet! The rules are SUPER easy to learn, especially if you are an experienced war gamer. They are so easy I actually don't even recommend using the Quick Start Rules. Just dive right in and play a 100pt battle and before you know it you will have the hang of it!

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Just bumping the thread for folks to see.

I signed up for the league when I was in the store this past weekend playing a different game.  Hopefully I'll actually be able to make it this Wednesday, now that I already paid!



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