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Castle Daerion with Ronan the wild

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Hi , we played this quest using ronan the wild and his familiar, pico.

we assumed pico can be given to sir palamon because it states to treat him as a hero.

This was a response when I, the overlord used word of misery and was able to damage sir palamon abit more during my turn.

Giving pico to sir palamon confused me and I was unable to attack sir palamon.

My question is can pico the familiar of ronan the wild be given to sir palamon?

another question which I am pretty sure the answer to it is apositive is 'does word of misery effects sir palamon?'


Hopefully someone can clear things for me.



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FFG has clarified that "counts as a hero" only applies for attacks, hero abilities and Overlord cards that target "heroes."  In particular, they have said, this means you can't "trade items" (ie: give equipment to) an NPC treated as a hero.

Ronan's hero ability says that any hero may give Pico to another hero "following the rules for trading items."  This is a hero ability, which implies it ought to work for Sir Palamon, but the normal trading items rules are prohibited for such NPCs (according to FFG).  The NPC does count as a hero for this ability, but only if he does something FFG has said he can't do.

I'm pretty sure the end result is that you can't give Pico to an NPC like Sir Palamon.

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