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Just started, looking for Lannister LCG and Lannister Promo Items. Have $$$

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Title says it all.  I am interested in acquiring all the Lannister cards for the LCG (I notice that certain stores like Team Covenant sell just house stuff, figured I would try the boards first), but more importantly I know there are some very cool promotional items that FFG puts out for tournament support.  I am interested in Lannister deck boxes, tokens, playmats, special house cards, etc.  I live in California, USA and would need the items shipped there.  I have a verified paypal account which is how I would make payment.  Please feel free to PM or email me with what you have and how much you would want for it including S&H.     

Feel free to email me at chrisdonati at hotmail dot com or post below with your contact info. 

Take care and thanks for looking!


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