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I recently got the chance to play Lowhhrick and loved it, and am now running the game for a different group of players. In doing so, I felt the bartender kinda railroaded the adventure, so changed his read aloud text slightly and expanded Mos Shuuta so there was more to do and see there.

I've been posting the details of my expansion over at DailyEncounter.net

Expanding Mos Shuuta http://dailyencounter.net/2013/02/18/expanding-mos-shuuta/

More Mos Shuuta Locations http://dailyencounter.net/2013/02/20/more-mos-shuuta-locations/

The Wider Area Around Mos Shuuta http://dailyencounter.net/2013/02/22/the-wider-mos-shuuta-area/

A Who's Who of Mos Shuuta http://dailyencounter.net/2013/02/25/a-whos-who-of-mos-shuuta/

Creatures of the Mos Shuuta Valley http://dailyencounter.net/2013/02/25/creatures-of-the-mos-shuuta-valley/



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Okay, here's a thought - what happens after Teemo is killed (assuming that the players manage to ice him at the end of Long Arm)? Suddenly there's a power vavume in place, with the Big Fish in this small pond gone. Who moves in? Do the citizens under Teemo's thumb sieze control? Running with the Mos Shuuta = Las Vegas idea, after the Rat Pack era came to a close, the Syndicate lost control of the city to be replaced with Megacorperations. Las Vegas began to become a more commercialized, family-oriented place with large corporations coming to own the hotels, casinos, and nightclubs in place of Mafia bosses.


So perhaps something like that in Mos Shuuta? Teemo is on the outs, but Big Business rolls in - and arguably, could be worse than before. . . .

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I'm glad to see people are still enjoying these. As luck would have it, I've just run the adventure again for a group of totally new roleplayers and added/expanded some more locations:


The Pit

Teemo the Hutt has the monopoly on entertainment within Mos Shuuta, his palace located near the Electrogate is home to an arcade of mechanical and electrical gambling devices, and he has his own arena for gladiatorial combat. However, that is not to say that the people of Mos Shuuta go without entertainment. In the early days of the settlement, the residents were only too happy to enter the palace and gamble on the Hutts infrequent open days, but after one too many worker became indebted into the Hutt’s service as slaves, they came upon a more acceptable solution.

In a courtyard surrounded by the homes of several of Mos Shuuta’s more wealthy residents is a small rundown shack, bearing the sign “The Pit”. On an irregular basis, the sign is moved to a prominent place in the town. When this happens, the residents know that the courtyard will be used that night for an arena fight, typically a worker or bounty hunter against a repaired battle droid, provided by Vorn.


The Nest

Housing in Mos Shuuta can be roughly divided into 3 categories. At the top end of the scale, you have those owned or rented by the relatively wealthy such traders, imperial employees. These town houses are powered, cooled, relatively spacious, and equipped with necessary luxuries like air-showers and water tanks. At the opposite end of the scale is the poor folk who live within the Shantytown, the miners and beggars and their extended families that eek out a living on the mesa. The shantytown, joined to the unstable pillars of rock by rope, wood and worse, are home to an uncounted mass of unfortunates, who live in ramshackle shacks made from whatever scrap they can find, spaceship parts, fabric, wood, and bantha dung and sand.

The Nest is the name given to the mass of small dwellings near landing bay Aurek, lots of small buildings built on top and against each other, some several stories high, creating a crowded maze of rooms. About 30 people wlife in these small cramped rooms, with little more than a bed. Bathing and other utilities are shared, if you don’t get lost trying to find them…


Expedition Store

The actual size of this warehouse is deceiving, as the main building is hidden by the surrounding smaller store rooms. Its vast cargo door is open during the day time and is a hive of activity as aqualish workers move cargo around, from the landing bays, to the main store or one of the many smaller sub stores rented by other businesses. It is the go to place for people needing supplies for a desert expedition, or an off-planet trip. For everyday items, the warehouse is ideal, but for hard to find equipment, you’ll have to find the elusive owner, order the item, and wait for it to be delivered. Where the store excels, is their blind eye to illegal cargo. For a small fee, they will stow any cargo, no questions asked


Burnt Building

Given the close proximity of buildings in Mos Shuuta, and lack of water, fire is a massive danger to the towns residents. This building, near the cantina, was once a hi-tech R&D lab, working on a prototype moisture vaporator with an almost 100% higher yield of water. Its unclear whether the fire that burnt down the lab was an accident, or planned by Teemo in order to maintain a strangle hold on the economy of life.


Water Tower

The water tower is located on the sturdiest part of the Mos Shuuta mesa, and is the tallest structure in the town. Its not too hard to climb to the top of the tower, but doing so without being seen is difficult. From the top of the tower, you have an excellent view of the entire town and out into the dune sea beyond.

Most of the actual water is stored below ground, in vast tanks sunk into the cool bedrock. The tower itself mainly contains the pump equipment and a small reservoir of ‘unclean’ water, that is to say, it is water tainted by the heat ofd the planets dual suns. Its warm with a metallic tang to its taste.

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It's my intention to eventually rewrite and expand all the published Mos Shuuta locations.



The interior of the barracks, the home to the dozens of Gamorrean guards is unexpected. The initial smell is off putting, a heady mix of warm damp air, mixed with the smells of the Gamorrean musk, a vestige of their boar like rutting, mixed with the smells of rotting dung. The place is a squalid habitation, with fungal growth on most surfaces, a communal sleeping pit dug into the mesa’s bedroom by what looks claws, and a small forge and anvil, next to the remains of a battered and non functioning combat droid. A mass of cables run across the floor, surrounded by junk parts of vapourators, several of which still remain standing, obviously rigged in reverse, pumping out a fine mist of water creating a hot humid environment in which their native snorruk mushrooms thrives.

Whenever the Gamorrean guards are not on duty in Teemo’s palace, at the electrogate, or randomly patrolling, terrifying and abusing the towns populace, they retreat back to the relative comfort of their barracks, and at least six Gamorrean’s will be found here, eating, maintaining their weapons, or training.



The slagworks are one of the original reasons for settlers establishing a community on the Mos Shuuta mesa. The tough bedrock contains many rich veins of ore that have for several decades been worked hard; mined and smelted on location in order to fetch a higher resell price at the Mos Espa and Anchorage metal markets.

Three Gamorrean overseers watch over the poor wretches who labour in the slag works. It consists of several shallow mine shafts descending into the bluff, as well as a smelting facility where the ore removed from the mines is converted into a usable state.

In the guard house by the slagworks entrance is a small supply of medi-packs and repair packs, presumably so the guards can tend to the needs of workers and the machinery if there is an emergency. However, one look at the dust on these items is enough to know that the guards have never touched them. About two dozen workers, of various sentient species, labour in the slag works at any given time, and the mine shafts and smelting facility are operated all day long, pumping out a thick black smoke that slowly drifts away over the shanty town on the mesa’s edge.


Landing Bay Aurek/Besh

There are two landing bays in Mos Shuuta, and while both can handle the safe landing and takeoff a variety of different orbital and suborbital craft, as well as cargo and refuelling duties. However, each of the towns’ landing bays are designed with a different internal structure, based on their design goal.


Landing Bay Aurek is designated as a repair bay, its’ internal floor panels can be removed to allow lifter droids access to the underneath of spacecraft, and there are workshops built into the sides of the docking bay for working on engine parts and other mechanical systems such as landing gear and loading ramps. The control room in landing bay Aurek is heavily computerised, with a multitude of display panels, a holographic display table, and a powerful server that can be plugged into a spacecrafts electrical system to perform system diagnosis, systems upgrades and optimizations. Finally, landing bay Aurek has a domed roof that can be opened and closed, creating a hermetically sealed environment in order to protect exposed ship parts from the frequent sandstorms to strike the mesa. Or so the theory goes… The bay roof doors got jammed a few years ago just as they emerged from the buildings side walls, creating the appearance from above of a docking bay with lips opening in a welcoming fashion. Given to appearance and difficult in manoeuvring through the now restricted opening, some pilots have taken to calling landing in the Aurek bay as “kissing”.


Landing Bay Besh, on the other side of the mesa to the repair bay of Aurek, is designated as a cargo bay. It lacks Aureks’ retractable domed roof, making landing in this bay easier, and the bay is equipped with the necessary accessories such as hover sledges, powerlifters and external battery packs for the swift removal and maintenance of any cargo. The docking bay is also directly linked to Warehouse Besh, meaning that while cargo can be carried through the bays wide cargo doors into the town beyond (these are at least twice the height and width of Aurek’s security doors), it is more likely to be taken by Bryn’s customs officers directly into the secure storage unit. One aspect unbeknownst to most people on the mesa is that Landing Bay Besh features a hidden panel, that retracts and slides into the pourstone walls, giving unseen and easy access into the imperial surveillance building beneath the streets.

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I took the cleaned up version that is available on the main forum and printed the cover and last page of this sourcebook on photo and the interior pages on slick 28 lb paper and spiral bound it.  Looks great and is fully functional.  Can't wait to use it this Friday running our group through Mos Shuuta.


Thanks for coming up with this!!!

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I am interested.  I pull some of the NPC's stats and locales and change names for other planets/cities. 


I have already printed this and would like to be able to add in the pages you are talking about if what you have added is additional pages to the original sourcebook... does that make sense?

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I think the changes from the last Kainrath version to the new one would be hard to just print and slot in.


The sourcebook is very much for my own use, and i've been quite indulgent in what it contains:


Ttheres an overview and history of tatooine, plus short descriptions of the major locations. Theres a overview and history of the mesa, with short descriptions of nearby locations.


Theres now 61 main locations - I think the version kainrath put together had about 40 to 45, and many of these have descriptions and stats for the npcs or adversaries found at the location, and many have sidebars of adventure hooks or expanded info - the expanded info is my way of condensing info from other sourcebooks and wookiepedia related to tatooine in a way i can quickly check during the game.


Then theres a whole new section expanding on the details of teemo's palace - in one of the times i've run the beginner box game, my players decided to dress in the stormtroopers armour and storm the palace and i was unprepared, so i decided to add it to the book.


Then theres npcs that can be encountered on the mesa, then beasts/threats (with some more sidebars), then hardware - weapons, armour, and vehicles. And finally, the bit i'm pondering cutting, is a modular encounters section '10 things to do in mos shuuta when a hutt wants you dead'


If you ignore stats, i'm at around 50 pages of unformatted text at the moment

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