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Totensonntag-scenario from designer's series

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Played this scenario today with a friend. We found it to be a very balanced and fun scenario, although there are a few points which we felt needed further clarification and one big ommision in the special rules. the final score was 11-9 for the Germans.

It's a very fast playing scenario which can be played using the standard rules which means that only vehicles are used in this case. As an optional rule 2 British squads composed entirely of regulars come into play as reinforcements as well as 1 German squad.Victory points are scored by destroying or heavily damaging enemy vehicles (2 points for tanks; 1 point for half-tracks). The British also score 1 point for each truck they exit off the board. So far so good.(Although in such scenarios it can always become a problem that the side that's in the lead withdraws simply to consolidate the lead; e.g. the Kursk scenario in the FoTB expansion, even when it's obvious that the scenario is not intended to be played in that way.

We did have some important unresolved issues with the scenario:

1.) The British starting forces combined with the round 1 reinforcements can completely block (=occupy) the German round 2 reinforcements entry hexes. Another example of something which is obviously not the designer's attention,but which is not prohibited by the (scenario special) rules: British units may not be inside on or more of the German reinforcement hexes by the time of the latter's arrival. Why is this a problem? Well, because reinforcements may not be placed when there's no site available and are lost.

2.) The British score points for exiting trucks. But is it an option for them to also exit other vehicles? Not for scoring points but so as to prevent the Germans from detroying / heavily damaging them and scoring points. This seemed a legitimate and viable option to us and it also seemed to match the scenario description, but it wasn't clear whether this was a legal thing to do.

3.) The panzer IV is a panzer IV G or H (the one from the base game). the problem is that version wasn't available yet at the time of the scenario. A historically better option would have been to use the panzer E operations card in combination with the tanks ace card and or the elite tank crew one. Balance wise it seems to work, though, using the base game panzer IV.

So all in all, a very good and balanced scenario. If both players are willing to make it a nice scenario and have a good playing experience, then this is the case. If the British player just wants to win no matter what, he;ll block the German reinforcement hexes: he has enough units to do so. It would and should be an option to confront the Germans from one further hex away. It could also be potentially game-winning if they roll well, but it also opens up great possibilities for the Germans, if the British fail to roll well.

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I'll second that!


It was a very fun scenario to play with lots of fast paced action all around the map.


1. I do recommend playing with the optional rule giving the extra squads. It adds extra tactical options and doesn't slow the game down.

2. The current scenario rules/set-up have the major flaw of giving a guaranteed very easy win to the UK player if he occupies the german reinforcement hexes. For any self-respecting player this should be no problem though, simply don't do it … problem solved.

3. Because the whole scenario is all about a UK column trying to escape a trap, it would be logical that all UK units are allowed to exit the map and not just the trucks. I would certainly recommend this extra rule.

4. I agree with Kingtiger that the Pz IV's would be better off being a more historically correct version (buffed up by a few Operation Cards). Balance-wise they are fine, just for flavour.



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