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Units to sets?

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Greetings all. My friend has just recently gotten me into Dust and while I'm quite the fan of the game I've seen lots of sets and lots on Ebay for sale and they don't list what sets the units are coming from. I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of what units came from what sets and what units are standalone expansion sets? I just picked up this lot for 250 bucks which seemed like a good deal based on the info I could find at miniature market. Any help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you..


Dust Tactics Lot

1 Original Core Set - I painted a couple of the minis but they arent bad. Also some of the parts on the walkers need to be glued on.
1 Revised Core set
1 Tile set
1 Operation Cyclone - no box
1 Operation Zverograd - No box - I think most of the building pieces are there but I havent played with this one in ages. I cant Guarantee it is all there.
1 OPeration Seelow - Unopened

US - I will list all the units -even if they come in one of the boxes above- I have no duplicaet units.
1 Pounder - Medium Walker - OG Core set
1 Hotdog Medium Walker- OG core set
1 The Gunners Squad -Og Core set
1 Recon Boys Squad - OG Core Set
1 BBQ Squad - OG Core set
1 Rosie
1 Death Dealers Squad - Revised Core
1 Bazooka Joe
1 Hell Boys Squad - Revised Core
1 Rhino
1 Tank Buster Squad
1 The Hammers Squad
1 Grim Reapers Squad
1 Blackhawk Light Walker - Core set

Axis -

1 Luther - Medium Walker- OG Core set
1 Ludwig - Medium Walker- Og Core set
1 Recon Grenadiers - OG core set
1 Laser Grenadiers - OG core set
1 Battle Grenadiers- OG Core set
1 Axis Zombies Squad
1 Sigird Von Thaler
1 Axis Gorillas squad
1 Sturmpioniere Squad
1 Lara
1 MAnfred
1 Heavy Flak Grenadiers Squad
1 Hans Light Walker
1 Heacy Laser Grenadiers
1 Unopened Zombie Leader pack

1 Koshka
1 SSU Airborne Transport
1 Grand'Ma Medium Walker
1 SSU MEdium Walker - I think kept the extra arms so you can make them what you want-Might only have one set of arms for both
1 SSU MEdium Walker - I think kept the extra arms so you can make them what you want-Might only have one set of arms for both
1 Fakyeli Squad
1 Chinese Volunteers Squad
1 Frontoviki Squad


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