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Blood Bowl TM english and other languages

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I have a polish version of BB TM. If someone will be kind and wrote:

- english names of all star players from base game (it will be great to wrote about skills they have to recognize)

- english names of base players on each team (except guard players)

- english names of Spike! Magazine cards

It will be easier for players with non english version of BB to write on this forum

Maybe someone wrote these names in his language too:)


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Dwarf Longbear, Dwarf Runner, Dwarf Blocker, Dwarf Blitzer, Troll Slayer



Human Lineman, Human Catcher, Human Thrower, Human Blitzer, Ogre


Wood Elfs:

Wood Elf Lineman, Wood Elf Catcher, Wood Elf Thrower, Wardancer, Treeman



Skaven Lineman, Skaven Thrower, Skaven Blitzer, Skaven Gutter Runner, Rat Ogre



Orc Lineman, Orc Thrower, Orc Blitzer, Black Orc Blocker, Da Troll



Chaos Lineman, Beastman, Beastman Thrower, Chaos Warrior, Minotaur

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Skaven: Rat Ogre, Bite-Bite, Hide-Sneak, Niknik Yellowtail, Bone Crusher

Chaos: Lord Borak the Despoiler, Grashnak Blackhoof, Bloodhorn, Morkai the Everchanging, Blightmaw

Orcs: Bork, Smashjaw, Varag Ghoulchewer, Crushface, Snotlobba

Neutral: One Ear



Humans: Marcus Siebermann, Mighty Zug, Cornelius Krieg, Griff Oberwald, Long Bomb Silver

Dwarves: Skuff Whitebeard, Spikey McSpike, The Death Roller, Barik Farblast, Grim Ironjaw

Elves: Thornmane, Aurora Silverleaf, Deeproot Strongbranch, Jordell Freshbreeze, Eldril Sidewinder

Neutral: Slab


Spike Magazine:

Salary Cap Raised!, Cursed Ball!, Rivalry Week Kicks Off, Referee Contract Dispute, Weather Disrupts Match!, Endurance Training, Violence at an All-time High!, "More Sales, More Matches", Flooding Causes Soggy Pitch!, All-star Conditioning

The Chaos Cup, The Spike! Magazine Trophy, The Blood Bowl, The Dungeonbowl

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