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Orc ambush

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"der is dem humies! Dey dont suspec a thing." said Badkrug in what was meant to be a quiet voice. "on da counta three we'z charge dem and kill em all!  1... 2..."

One of his boys getting all excited called out "Oh! Oh! I get the big on in da centa!".

 Badkrug couldn't well be letting his boys take the best kill, if being the nob doesn't confer some benefits what's it good for? "NO! His ead is mine!"

"Den. I call the slightly runtier one on da left!" another one of his boys spoke up. "I want dat fancy pants one wit da big cap!" growled another, his boys started bickering about who got what kill.

Only one way to deal with these sort of undiciplined runt thought Badkrug, "NO! he's mine too! and the one with the fancy hat."

"Den I want ..."

"NO! He's mine! Der All mine so shut up ya runts!" barked Badkrug, losing what little patience he had. "Now on da counta 3 we charge? Ready? 3!"

With a loud "WAAAAGH!" Badkrug leaped from his hiding spot twards the human soldiers, only to be gunned down in moments by their waiting firepower. Clearly he hadn't maintained his element of surprise.

"Waz we supposed to be killin sometin?"


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