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Two great intro decks with one core and the expansions

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HI! Showing a friend how to play Sunday… what are two best corp / runner decks to show off to a new player with one core set and the three expansions? Thanks!

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Jinteki and Shaper.

Jinteki shows what the game is all about: incomplete information, bluffing and nasty tricks. Its starter from the Core Set was weak, but with WLA, TA and CE, it gets the support it needs to really mess with the Runner's head.

Shaper's gameplay covers all the basics of the Runner's side without being too complicated. Anarch requires lots of building and multi-card synergy, while Crim gameplay is very different from what the other two do. I think you're best off showing him how important a steady economy and strong icebreaking are, so I vote Shaper.

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Let me see… I don't really play Jinteki and Shaper, so don't expect anything great here. complice It should be simple- nothing fancy- to make learning how to play the game easier. I'm going to base them on the original starter decks then modify them according to the expansions. I'm also going to put in out-of-faction cards, which you can use to explain influence.


Jinteki - Personal Evolution

Deck Size: 49 cards
Influence: 15 used

Agendas - 9 cards/21 agenda points
3 Fetal AI
3 Nisei MkII
3 Priority Requisition

ICE - 19 cards
3 Caduceus (to teach how to trace works)
2 Data Mine
3 Neural Katana
2 Sensei
3 Snowflake
3 Wall of Static
3 Wall of Thorns

Other - 21 cards
3 Adonis Campaign
1 Akitaro Watanabe
3 Beanstalk Royalties
3 PAD Campaign
2 Precognition
3 Project Junebug
3 Snare!
3 Trick of Light

Shaper - Kate "Mac" McCaffrey

Deck Size: 45 cards
Influence: 13 used

Programs - 11 cards
2 Battering Ram
3 Gordian Blade
2 Magnum Opus
2 Net Shield
2 Ninja

Events - 23 cards
3 Diesel
3 Infiltration
2 Modded
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
3 Test Run
3 The Maker's Eye
3 Tinkering

Other - 11 cards
1 Aesop's Pawnshop
2 Akamatsu Mem Chip
1 Ice Carver
2 Rabbit Hole
2 Sacrificial Construct
2 The Personal Touch
1 The Toolbox

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Thanks! He really enjoyed the decks! He lost as runner the first time from net damage. He ran on Fetail AI and only had one card in hand.

He lost as corporation because he misjudged how quicly I could just install an icebreaker and get past one ICE (two clicks to gain creds from mangum opus, click to install, reduced, and run).

But he had fun baiting me into a Project Junebug! He even protected it with ICE like a pro!

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Nope. He's a poor slacker. And he's more interested in shadowrun and they have a deckbuilding game coming out that he's saving himself for… but IDK. Maybe if we get together and play again sometime… messaging him now. :)

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