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Awards, Accolades, Medals and Honourifics.

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I noticed in the OW core rulebook that there is a list of a few medals and awards that PCs can be given when they accomplish certain tasks and I thought the list looked a little short, so I thought why not make a post about it, with the name of the award, the reason it's awarded and the planet / battle it's named after. The 100regiments for Only War thread is doing pretty well so we should be able to come up with a good few awards and accolades that GMs can use for thier groups and if necessary, adjust them to fit :) Here are a couple of mine: 

The Wings of Sorit VII: A navy blue ribbon with a pair of brushed plas-steel wings fixed to the front.

Awarded both humous and post-humously to all IG troopers that took part in the liberation of Sorit VII's capital city, Merwoghn (pronounced Mer-One). The IG were inserted via grav-chute and Valkyries. Beneath the liberated city, a partial STC template was found that contained designs for improved engines and aero foils for Aeronautica Imperialis craft. 

Benefit: the bearer of the Wings of Sorit has (+5) to command tests when requisitioning air support from the Aeronautica, and (+5) to the squads logistics rating when dealing with Aeronautica staff. (logistics rating bonus does not stack for each member with the Wings, max (+5) per squad NOT (+5) per member of squad with the Wings.)


The Shattered Chevron: A white ribbon with a vertical gold band through the centre, with a pair of gold chevrons with a split through the middle of each.

Awarded to Sergeants and Squad Leaders who have suffered 50% casualties to their squad, yet managed to still successfully complete the objective issued to them. 

Benefit: The Shattered Chevrons gives (+5) to all command and intimidate test when the bearer is attempting to influence those of lower or equivalent rank. (+1) to the squad logistics rating.

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