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Organized play in Melbourne Australia

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Hey guys, just looking at expanding our meta and getting some more interest in our aGoT Community!
Our current meta has roughly 10 players who range in experiance from a few months to a couple of years and we also have the current regional champion and the current national champion here to help with anything people may need :)

We are currently in in talks with 3 different stores to support our games atleast once a month which they have all approved with prize support.

One sunday a month will be at Good Games CBD
2 Wendesdays a month with be at Good Games in Blackburn (one being tournament the other practice/teaching newer players)
1 night a week at Gameslab in the city (yet to confirm a night)

please join our group if anyone is interested in more details etc


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Just want to bump this for people who are unaware, join the facebook group , get insight into events happening and also what chapter packs are comming into stores

Apr 13th @ Games Labratory
Apr 20th @ Good Games Ballarat
May 11-12 @ Good Games Blackburn
June 23rd @ Good Games Melbourne


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