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How to? Turn the character cards into standups

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I attempted to make my Dreadfleet and From the Grave character standups. I failed.  I cut them out and glue them together, then found out they were too thin for the stands.  I was stupid enough to do them all at once, instead of just testing with one.

Now I have to find a way to hold them into the stand, thinking some form of plastic to clip into the gap.



But for the next time I get a PoD and have to do this again, I wish to do it right.  What is the best way of doing this?

The card from my local craft shop is too thin, takes 6 to equal the thinkness of the card that fits the stands. I cant seem to see options to obtain thicker card.  I did get some artist paper that is very thick, but that turned out too thick for the stand.



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One possibility might be to glue them onto other standups. I have purchased all WFRP boxes and books, so I have an abundance of some standups (a lot of identical goblins, beastmen etc.). If you do not want to sacrifice other standups it might be possible to use the material in the WFRP-boxes (not the big box, but the expansions such as lure of power etc.). Lastly, different folders (for papers and magazines) also have different thickness of paper and could be used between the pictures on the standups.

Now that you have already glued them toghether, you could use binder clips instead of the plastic "feet" (http://penelopeloveslists.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/binderclip.jpg). I know that some on these forums, or it might have been the Arkham Horror forums, use them instead of the pastic feet as these clips does less damage to the standups.

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