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Vassal Walkthrough

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A number of people have asked me for help to get them started on Vassal, so here's my guide to getting setup.

Part 1 Installing the Modules and Extenstions


Download Vassal here:

Download the Module: I would get the 4.1 version, because it fixes some of the bugs in the 4.0 version.

Download these extensions:
Grab all of the 4.0 vmdx files
Also get the 3 x 3 star map vmdx file too

Also download these vlog files that I made, it will help speed up list building.

Now for the how to.

After you have installed Vassal go ahead and start it up.
First you want to go to File -> Open Module -> Then find the X-Wing module that you downloaded.

Follow the instructions for each window that pops up.

Once that’s installed you now get to add all of the vmdx files that you downloaded.

Return to the Vassal main Window
Rt click on the Module -> Then you should see a menu for ”Add Extension” -> then add all of those vmdx files.

Now you have all the basics set.

Part 2 The Basics of the X-Wing Module


This PDF will explain a lot of how things work, and is written way better then I could explain.  I recommend launching the X-Wing Module, and then load saved game

Pick one of the vlog files that you downloaded, either Rebel or Imperial Setup logs.


On the Main Control bar click Map.  A map will appear, and it may cover the Main Control bar.  Resize both so that you can see the map and the Main control bar on your screen.  Once you have that setup go to the Step Forward button which is between the Undo Button and the Show/Hide Server controls.  Click that a couple of times and you will "walk" through the log file.  You should see a bunch of ships on the map disappear then reappear.  The ships on the screen are all the ships from that faction.  For Rebels it's all the X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, and the YT-1300 ships.  It has all of there stats listed and named.  This will save a lot of time clicking and making your ships.


Once your here, I recomend moveing the ships around and testing things out.  The Quick Ref button on the Main Control Window gives a list of all the key short cuts.  Play around with this and that should really help you get a feel for things.


Part 3 Saving your list


Saving your builds before you play will speed up your game time.  I have a very tight schedule, so I have lists built and ready so when I meet someone online I don't have to rebuild everything from scratch each time.  This is how I build my lists.  You don't have to do it this way, but I find it very simple and once it's done it's easy to use.


  1. Build your squad - I really like this site for building lists Here's an example squad Biggs with R2-F2, Wedge, R2-D2 Swarm Tactics Proton Torpedo, Dutch R5 Astromech Proton Torpedo, Ion Cannon. 
  2. If you have all the rebel ships already loaded on your screen, then delete all the ships that aren't on you list.  If you don't have the ships then you can go to file -> Load Continuation -> select the RebelSetup.vlog. Click through the log as explained earlier, and then delete all the ships that's not in your list.
  3. Click on the Pieces button on the Main Control Window.  Now you should see a new pane open on the Main Control Window.  I often have to resize this so that I can see all of the options.  It's here that you can select the Rebels tab, and put your cards on the map.
  4. Collect all your pieces -> Cards, Target Lock chits, Shield Chits, all of your upgrades, movement dials range rules, and anything else you might need.
  5. Organize your stuff how you like.
  6. On the Main Control Window go to File -> Begin Logfile…
  7. Name your list
  8. Select all of your pieces on the Map and Delete them
  9. On the Main Control Bar hit Undo, and then all your pieces should be back on the map.
  10. On the Main Control Bar go to File -> End Logfile

Now you have your first list all setup.


If you want to see an example of this list you can download my sample

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Graphic wise, how does vassal works? You have mini models in 2d that you move around the table? Does anybody has any pictures of the interface?

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mrfroggies said:

I'm glad you like it.  I hope you consider joining the Vassal Tournament that I'm running.  Registration is until the 17th.

Unfortunally I can't use the computer all the time, and it isn't mine, so I can't register, but good luck to you, plase put the results here in the forums, grerettings

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This is a very old post, but sense I've seen some activity on it I thought I would update some of the info.


Here's the latest vassal version that has all the wave 3 ships in it. 



Download the following:

  • Star Wars X-Wing Game: v4.5.1
  • X-Wing: v4.0
  • Y-Wing: v4.2
  • A-Wing: v4.0
  • B-Wing: v4.5.1
  • YT-1300: v4.5.1
  • HWK-290: v4.5.1
  • TIE Fighter: v4.0
  • TIE Interceptor: v4.0
  • TIE Advanced: v4.0
  • TIE Bomber: v4.5.1
  • Firespray-31: v4.5.1
  • Lambda Shuttle: v4.5.1
  • Explodey Things: v4.5.1
  • Yagyu’s Map Pack: v4.0 

That's all the current files as of this posting.


Here's a link to a Tutorial on youtube that I put together to help you get started.

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Can you play an offline game by yourself with this system?

A bit lost trying to get a basic game going, Me against the PC type.

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Can you play an offline game by yourself with this system?

A bit lost trying to get a basic game going, Me against the PC type.

Depends what you mean with "By yourself."


If you mean, "Where you are both players," then yes. Just load two different squads, set them across from each other, and set the dials as you see fit. I think you can toggle between Player 1 and Player 2, or just run both squads as Player 1 if you don't mind sharing a damage deck with yourself.


If you mean, "Against an AI opponent," then no.

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I would absolutely love an X-Wing app.


EA / Disney Interactive have the license for video games pretty much locked up so that probably isn't going to happen in an official capacity :(

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