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Alchemist infinite gold in city

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Potions are trinkets, and the Alchemist cannot sell them for 3 gold each. Objects are 1 gp and magic objects 3 gp as we are limited in how many we can have at one time. The term 'potion' on the alchemist is not the same as the potion introduced in the City where a new class of cards: the Potion which anyone can buy was introduced. The term on the alchemist probably should be a different term since it merely is an alchemical compound that lets him do what it states: object a fate, life, or spell, and he convert object/magic objects into gold. Trinkets are objects, not treated like Objects, and are magical but are not Magical Objects. Its a confusion of terminology that does need to be clarified.


In other words, the potions would be sold back by the alchemist like Objects, for 1 gp each the same cost it costs to buy them. The 'ability' is that he can exchange them back and 'sell' them to reobtain gold for them which normally characters can't do so its a real ability, yet he can't buy for 1 gp and sell for 3 gp. The Alchemists needs a simple tweek: Object or trinket for 1 gp and Magic Object for 3 gp, then its clear and understandable since the terms for 'potion' were altered in what they mean between the highland and city.


The best solution would be just to update the Alchemist and release him so we can either print him or include him as a bonus in the next small expansion. OR just clarify officially in the FAQ but after reading the rules, Trinkets, due to the fact they aren't limited like real Objects (ie you can have more than 4 without a mule or horse and cart or some other means to carry more) means they are more like pseudo objects or pseudo magical objects.


If you want to say otherwise, then limit Potions LIKE objects and magical objects, meaning you may have up to 4 maximum on you character unless you find some means to carry more stuff. This way your limited in how many potions you can have and that restriction could potentially matter, and be a real limit. Next, since potions are only bought at 1 gp each, then you can treat them like Objects and thus the alchemist can trade them in for 1 gp.


that is a quick simple clarification and fix. I know for a fact the designers would not want a situation where they created a character that can buy trinket potions at the apothecary for 1 gp each and then resell via their ability for 3 gp. Of course, that is OP because it is total BS and a complete misunderstanding of the rules, or rather the rules are fuzzy and need clarification.

Don't be confused by the Alchemist card's use of the word "potions" in regards to his ability to alchemise. It's just a conversion from Gold to Life/Fate/Spell. Also, the rules definitely are NOT fuzzy on this point. Trinkets absolutely fully count as Objects. Seeing as they've got the typeline and everything, I thought that would be obvious. The term "Trinket" is just an extra type for the Object that defines how it works, just like the terms "Weapon" and "Armour". Now, you may not agree on how the rules should be on this point, but that is another matter.


As to the problem at hand, the best solution I can think of at the moment to limit this exploit while at the same time not uneccessarily gimping the Alchemist would be to limit him to alchemise Objects to Gold once per turn. That way, his influx of Gold would be much slower, and he may not actually have the money to buy ALL the Warhorses when he arrives at the Stables.

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