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Two-Weapon Fighting

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Oh boy,

one has to read the description of two-weapon fighting very carefully. Am I right with the following:

Assume a character with two-weapon fighting (melee) and ambidextrous. Do I understand it right that the character can do make as a Half Action (!) either a Standard, Swift or Lightning Attack with both (!) melee weapons?

Which mean he can make two attacks with

+ 0 to WS for a Standard Attack, since -10 from TWF & Ambidex. cancels with +10 for a Standard Attack

-10 to WS for a Swift Attack

-20 to WS for a Lightning Attack, since the -10 for a Lightning Attack is in addition to the -10 for fighting with two weapons?


-- TechVoid.

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You are correct, though iirc people have made some house rules to the effect that attacking with one hand takes one half action. Meaning that attacking with both hands and both weapons will take a character's entire action rather than just one half action as the rules claim. Definitely more reasonable than the current rules.

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Excuse me for necroposting, but I need some clarification.

Tome of Fate, 51 page, The Six Blades of Prosepheron power contains:

While this power is active, he must make two Lightning Attacks on each
turn (thus spending both of his Half Actions) but rather than
taking the –10 to each attack, he gains a bonus to the attacks
equal to five times the number of successes scored on his Focus
Power Test. He must wield at least two weapons whilst using
this power and continue only to use Reactions and spend Half
Actions making Lightning Attacks. The effects of this power
last for a number of rounds equal to the psyker’s Psy Rating
or until he chooses not to make a Lightning Attack, whichever
comes sooner. As soon as the power ends, the psyker suffers
1d5 levels of Fatigue. Note normally making two Lightning
Attacks would be impossible, but here is permissible.


So the character may make Lightning attack with his main hand and then with the other hand, or he may attack in the previous way twice in one round and effectively attack four times with Lightning Attack?

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Do not be confused when some one posts his House Rule.

By RAW when you make Standard/Swift/Lightning Attack you attack with your both hands using only Half Action.


So you can make Move Half Action and then Swift/Lightning Attack half action with both hands.


Only thing preventing you from making two (2) separate Swift/Lightning Attacks per turn is that they both contain attack subtype. You are only allowed to make one action with Subtype: (attack, concentration) per turn.


With The Six Blades of Prosepheron you use both your Half Actions to make two Lightning Attacks. So you attack with both hands two times.

This is only power that allows this break in rules.


Also remember that you can only inflict number of hits equal to your Weapon Skill Bonus per hand.


So WS 50 Slaanesh Psyker Swordmaster could inflict with good Lightning attack roll 5 hits per hand, to total sum of 10 hits.

With Six Blades of Prosepheron activated he could make two (2) separate Lightning attacks and inflict maximum of 20 hits.

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I've met somewhere in the book the rule, that character can attack with one hand Standard/Swift/Lightning attack, and with other hand he can make after only standard attack. Does it true, or I mix up it with the rules of other 40k Games?

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I think you are mixing the old Two-Weapon Fighting rule from Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader & Deathwatch.

In these editions you made Standard/Swift/Lightning Attack with your main hand and only Standard Attack with Off-hand.


In Black Crusade and Only War you can make Standard/Swift/Lightning Attack with Main hand and Off-hand.

Also remember that same applies to ranged Standard/Semi-auto/Full auto attack. But also you can make any combination of attacks you want.


For example ranged attacks, you have Autopistol (RoF S/-/6) in your main hand and Stub automatic (RoF S/3/-) in off-hand.

You could make: 

Standard attack + Standard attack

Standard attack + Semi-auto attack

Standard attack + Full auto attack

Semi-auto attack + Full Auto Attack.

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