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I want, I want, I want, I want, I… (repeat as necessary)

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Shakespearian_Soldier said:

So yeah, I want this game. And I want it TODAY.

Is there a pre-order option? If so, I'll throw some money at FFG and then wait, wide-eyed and eager, beneath my letterbox.

No official pre-orders from FFG, but I know CoolStuffInc has pre-orders for the book up (along with a significant discount).

I imagine that pre-orders won't go up until they've got the physical product either in their warehouses or only a few days before, at least if the pre-orders for the Beginner Box are anything to go by.

If you've got a FLGS, check to see if you can do a pre-order with them.  Most FLGS (at least those caring about the Friendly part) should be happy to put you down, and hold a copy of the book when they get it.  Better yet, you wouldn't have to pay the money up-front, something that's a concern for some folks due to the $60 price tag.

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