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First game fun.

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I've been waiting for a while to get my first game going. We finally co-ordinated time this weekend with a couple of buddies some beers and chips. 

We first did the beginner game no modifier cards and just the single  X-wing against the two Tie fighters. We played a few games of that trading up sides once in a while. It's definietly a good way to get used to the play mechanics at first. Especially if no one has actually played a game before. We watched the Fantasy Flight tutorial video ahead of playing too which was much better than my attempt at explaining how the game works.

ONce we were used to the game we started adding the cards, then we started adding the Tie advanced and Y-wing. Since there was three of us we tried splitting the game three ways which was actually really easy. One guy took the X-wing one the Y-wing we added the point total for the Rebel side and then I built a Imperial squad with the point total. We through some asteroids on the table started playing Star Wars DVDs in the background and voila. A great time was had. 

In the last game I was able to try out the Y-wing. I didn't realize what a slow ship it was compared to the others. It seemed like all the other ships were zooming around the table while I chugged along. The only saving grace was that I equipped the ion cannon. 

Great Game By Fantasy Flight I've pre-ordered the next wave and am looking forward to adding more miniatures.s

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