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Painting in process

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Hi all,

My first time ever attempt to try to paint something. I would like to say that for me it is almost impossible to draw anything, I just sux at this :), but I just can't ressist to try to paint my gears! :) Minis are so detailed, it would be shame not at leats try to! So anybody can do it and belive me, its fun!! 

I spent just 35-40 bucks for paints (listed below) So here they are :)

1xCitadel Base: Abaddon Black
1xCitadel Base: Leadbelcher
1xCitadel Layer: Altdorf Guard Blue
1xCitadel Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet
1xCitadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade
1xCitadel Skull White Spray

1xCitadel Skull White

As you can see, wash does pretty magic!


photo IMAG0918_zps751f4155.jpg

photo IMAG0923_zpsb4d199c5.jpg

photo IMAG0924_zpsefb8f519.jpg

photo IMAG0925_zps4249ff0f.jpg

photo IMAG0928_zps68ad6151.jpg


photo IMAG0932_zpsfd7778bd.jpg


photo IMAG0940_zps5824588e.jpg


photo IMAG0947_zpscb771b8a.jpg


photo IMAG0953_zps1bcf4528.jpg


photo IMAG0957_zps4d9a7e8e.jpg


photo IMAG0959_zps10e5cb34.jpg


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Okey, there goes last two types, both with two versions for more diversity :)


photo IMAG1009_zps6286c4b6.jpg

photo IMAG1010_zps6cdf3b94.jpg


photo IMAG1014_zps58be3d29.jpg

photo IMAG1015_zpsf4ab2734.jpg

now I have to finish the bases, do some minor corrections and finaly use matt lacquer.. :)


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