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Brother Anselm

A funny day on Spite. Rising Tempest

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Spoiler Alert

Well today was a funny old day on Spite

During our investigations two characters, A Black Templar Assault Marine and an Ultramarine Librarian were forced to burn their final fatepoint. The BT found himself outfought by a downright sneaky xenos swordmaster and the Librarian found himself going toe to toe with TWO daemons that he inadvertently brought into being when he pushed his psychic attacks and rolled horribly on the psychic mishap table on two consecutive rounds of combat. Today was not a good day.

To make matters even worse the sneaky xenos took my Black Templars helmet as a trophy, I am not a happy marine, The other killteam members won't allow me to virus bomb the planet from orbit so i can get it back. :(

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