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Robby Stark

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Resolving a challenge looks like this:

  • 1a: Determine Winner of Challenge
  • 2a: Save/Cancel opportunity against "Determine Winner of Challenge"
  • 3a: Challenge is officially won (and lost)
  • 1b: Challenge Result is Implemented (aka "claim")
  • 2b: Save/Cancel opportunity against claim
  • 3b: Resolve claim
  • 1c: Reward for Unopposed challenge
  • 2c: Save/Cancel opportunity against unopposed
  • 3c: Unopposed power is claimed/put on House card
  • 1d: Renown is awarded
  • 2d: Save/Cancel oppotunity against Renown
  • 3d: Renown power is claimed/put on character cards
  • 4: Passsives (initiated by anything in 1a - 3d)
  • 5: Responses (to anything in 1a - 4)
  • 6: End Window


Claim is settled in 1b-3b, which is before control would change in 4.

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