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Doc Demers

MoM figurine vs Monsters waves

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just wonder if anybody else think that it's sad that the MoM line is sold with the figurines included.

I think it's cool to have the figurine to play with but I don't understand why they are sold included. Since they make the game more expansive to buy, and  I think the game should be sold with only the tokens. It should be the customer's choice if  he wants the figurines or not.

More, if you already own the Arkham Horror boardgame then it becomes well… bad.

I want them all and I'm ready to pay for them.

But, if I buy all the monsters from the waves, then I would have them in double if I bought a MoM expansion. And I don't wanna wait many years collecting them through the MoM line to be able to play with them at AH since they're already available in waves. I can't also plans buying only  the ones that won't be available with MoM since I don't know if they're be release throught MoM or not. And if, for any reasons, I choose to not buy a specific MoM expansion which included figurines, then I'll be also screwed. And what if I wait for MoM and FFG decide to stop the line before completion. Maybe at that time the monsters waves wont be available anymore.

See the problem? Any thought?


P.S. Sorry if the text isn't very clear. English isn't my native tongue so…

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Do the waves sets have info chits to slide into the bases? I am all for extra figures but here in australia they are both rare and expensive to buy in the wavee sets and harder to get singularly. A lot of the figures are not needed in the MoM game, so are there plans to add to the monsters incuded i.e. chits and info where to add into the modules?

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