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Bullroarer Took

Glorifindel, Aragorn & Boromir

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Here is suggestion No 1:



Glorfindel (Spirit)

Aragorn (Lore)

Boromir (Tactics)



Neutral (6 cards)


3x Gandalf (Hobbit)


3x Song of Travel



Spirit (17 cards)


3x Escort from Edoras


3x Light of Valinor

3x Ancient Mathom


3x Light the Beacons

2x A Test of Will

3x Elrond's Counsel



Lore (21 cards)


2x Haldir of Lórien

2x Warden of Healing

1x Henamarth Riversong


3x Ranger Spikes

2x Protector of Lórien


2x Radagast's Cunning

3x Word of Command

3x Daeron's Runes

3x Rumour from the Earth



Tactics (6 cards)


2x Bofur

2x Defender of Rammas


2x Feint



How to play:


This deck is a one-trick-pony which I usually dislike, but this pony has left the stable 4 times in a row. The trick is to play Gandalf ASAP and to get Light the Beacons before entering stage 4B. Daeron's Runes and Ancient Mathom increase the chance of getting the old wizard while Word of Command is giving you easy access to Light the Beacons or, alternatively, to Light of Valinor. Song of Travel should be played on Boromir, as you want to have as many spirit resouces as possible.

If you get Henamarth early in the game I suggest to play him at the end of the quest phase. If he discovers Mûmakil you should consider to engage the Southron Company or another enemy to get rid of him as a shadow card. Better suffering some damage than having Mûmakil sitting in the staging area.

During my first turn I always send all my heroes questing. This might lead to desaster when you draw  Watcher in the Woods and Southern Support (which happened during my very first game with this deck). The chances of that are slim though.

The rest of the deck is self-explaining. You could add a third copy of A Test of Will. I usually reset my threat once I enter stage 3B when I think I can move to 4B in 2 or 3 turns. If that's not the case you can wait a bit longer.

It's also possible to start 4B with a threat of 28 if you have enough WP.

Another nice trick when facing some Southron Companies is to quest with a threat of 37-39 which is triggering the siege keyword. Let the Soutern Companies engange you afterwards and lower your threat with Elrond's Counsel which reduces their ATT to 3. Use Gandalf and Boromir as defenders.


You probably hoped for more Tactics action, but IMO Tactics still works best when you have two heroes of that sphere.

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Nice hero selection.

I put this deck together after seeing your post  and got 2 out of 3 wins on each of the secnarios.

I think Boromir Tactics is a great choice for these scenarions.

Best scores were:  PiP: 77, II: 91, and TSoCA 93

Allies: (18)

Warden of healing x3

Arwen Undomiel X3

Vassal of the Windlord x3

Winged Guardian x3

Defender Of Rammas x3

Gandalf (OHaUH)


Attachments: (13)

Ranger Spikes x3

Healing Herbs x3

Protector of Lorien x 2

Unexpected Courange x2

Light of Valinor x3


Events: (19)

A test of Will x3

Stand and Fight x3

Elrond's Counsel x3

Feint x3

Blade Mastery x3

Radagahst's Cunning x3

Word of Command x1



For PiP.  Attach scroll to Boromir. First round I don't quest with anyone.  Boromir will defend and attack multiple times this round if I'm engaged with one or more enemy.  He gets rid of the scroll from being damaged, and hopefully takes out two enemies wih Aragorn on one and Glorfindel on the other.  Three enimies would be a challenge.  Going to need some healing for Boromir at some point during this scenario

For II:  Quest with everyone to clear Ithillien Road.  Then I lay back on questing to get rid of Caledor, since I would rather quest with Def on stage 2 with gandalf, winged guardian, and/or defender of Rammas. Then just hope for the best, and pray you don't get Blocking wargs twice in the same turn.

For TSoCA:  Mulliigan for an ally that has 4 def that you can get in play  2nd round. My last game I had Gandalf and Winged Guardian in the game by the 3rd round.  It was the first time I was able to clear all 3 battleground locations.  I might have even had Defender of Rammas by round 5. Usually I'll try to clear the Banks first,  then I'll move the citidel to the active location if the Approach is still around then i'll try to clear it, but usually it's been taken out.  I'm usually able to clear the 3rd quest card on one turn.

I've only given strategy notes on the first few rounds, because there pretty crucial to these scenarios.  It's not to say things get easy after making it out of round two, but by then I'll have a pretty good idea if I'll be overrun by enemies.

Anyway, I think it's a pretty good deck.  If you try it, I hope you have some success.  I'd like the feedback.








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I've got both decks ready to go and will be trying them out in Gondor this week.  I'll post my results by the weekend.  At first glance, tracker's deck looks to be more "my style".  By this I mean it's more direct instead of using "tricks".  But that's one of the reasons I made this post, I like it when I'm asked to play outside my style as I learn more that way.

Thanks to both of you.

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Again, thanks to both of you.  I tried out both decks and to be honest, I struggled with leptokurt's deck.  I did coax some wins out of it, but they were a struggle.  The deck does rely heavily on gandalf.  On the other hand, tracker's deck ruled.  Now, some of that is play style.  I have a feeling there are some combos in leptokurt's deck that I'm not seeing.  For example, I struggled to see the value of Escort from Edoras.

I did make two small changes to tracker's deck:  -1 Arwen --> +1 Ancient Mathom, -1 Radagast's Cunning --> +1 Asfaloth

If anyone is interested in a more simple approach to beating the Heirs quests, try tracker's deck.  It doesn't have quite the synergy of a good dwarf deck, such as Glaurung's, but it's pretty good.

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Beat Cair Andros with tracker's deck last night.  Getting Asfaloth out on turn two to clear The Banks while I concentrated on questing to remove The Citadel was key.  I doubt I would have lasted another turn though, certainly not two.  I think I might try swapping in a couple of Burning Brands for a Protector of Lorien and a Word of Command.  I'm struggling to use these as I never seem to have disposable cards or a window where I don't want to use Gandalf for something else.

Great deck.

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I played through all the quests with this deck again.  HoN is not as difficult as it once was.  The only change I made to the deck  was removing 3 blade mastery and replaced them with spare hood and cloak.  The cloak works really well if played on Boromir, if you don't mind increasing your threat to ready him again after he passes the cloak off to ready another character.  It got me out of a few jams, when he was the only defender during the seige of cair andros, I was able to pass off the cloak to ready another defender, and not risk the shadow card damage and possible loss of a hero.  It also works pretty well during battle quests, to ready one of the other heroes after the quest for the combat phase.  You could also get Gandalf to defend and attack in the same round.  Pretty happy with the utility of this card.

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Here is the current version of the deck.  It starts with Tracker1’s deck.  Then I saw the deck at


Which was built for multiplayer, but it had a number of cards I wanted to try out.  So this is a bit of an amalgam of the two.  Also, and this is important, I don’t keep score, but I try not to lose any allies.  This is not a fast deck like the dwarves or outlands decks that others have presented and will get killed if you are counting rounds or are in a 1 to 1 competition like FFG has suggested



3 x Ancient Mathom

3 x Light of Valinor

1 x Unexpected Courage*

2 x Asfaloth

2 x A Burning Brand

1 x Healing Herbs

3 x Gondorian Shield

2 x Steward of Gondor

1 x Celebrian’s Stone

1 x Sword that was Broken

2 x Song of Wisdom

1 x Song of Kings



2 x Arwen

2 x Silvan Refugee

3 x Master of the Forge

3 x Warden of Healing

1 x Rivendell Minstrel

1 x Faramir

1 x Gandalf (Hobbit)



3 x A Test of Will

3 x Elrond’s Council

1 x Galadhrim’s Greeting

3 x Daeron’s Runes

3 x Feint

2 x Peace and Thought

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Just had a snap keep.


I went home for lunch today and found the family out so I set up for on last Assault on Osgiliath before tweaking my deck for Laketown.  After I had everything shuffled and set up on my gaming table I thought “what the heck I’ll just draw my opening hand to see if I’ll need to mulligan or not…”


Again, the heroes in this deck are Glorifindel (Sp), Aragorn (Lo) and Boromir (Tc).  It’s an attachment heavy deck that relies on Boromir doing nearly all of the defending and then Glory and Strider join in on the crack back.  My goal is to complete the quest and not lose any allies.  I don’t count turns or keep score. 


1st card – Light of Valinor.  Obviously a great card when you are running Glory, but I’ve shipped it back when the rest of the draw is lousy.  Still, I’m keeping more than 50% from here.


2nd card – Arwen.  Ok, I’m keeping the hand.  Arwen is absolutely sick when you are running Boromir as he’s defending 3 as soon as you turn her sideways.


3rd card – Peace and Thought.  With Light of Valinor and Boromir’s readying ability I’ll be able to fill up my hand quickly.  A very good, but not great card here.


4th card – Shield of Gondor.  ****!  Boromir will be defending 4 on turn 1 and 5 by turn three.  Already my best draw ever…


5th card – Song of Wisdom.  Now I’m giggling.  (I really shuffled the hell out of these cards btw, I promise!)  Song of Wisdom plus a Burning Brand on Boromir means he won’t have to face shadow cards either.  Defending 5 and no shadow cards.  Still need the Burning Brand though…


6th card – Unexpected Courage.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt let down to draw UC before.


This was easily my best opening hand of any deck ever.  Hopefully the Peace and Thought will draw me a Burning Brand, or better yet it will be my opening draw.  Now watch me lose!


The current main deck version is in the previous post.  This deck was tweaked for Assault on Osgiliath taking out Asfaloth and adding Spear of the Citadel were the big changes.  I also dropped the Sword and the Stone as you don’t need much questing power in Osgiliath.  Now that I look at it, I also removed Gandalf and Silvan Refugee as I don't want characters leaving the game.  Not sure what I added.



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Nice draw! Note that Peace and Thought doesn't work with Light of Valinor - you have to exhaust 2 heroes in the refresh phase so Glorfindel will be exhausted for the following turn... of course, UC will work just fine!

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Spoilers Ahead!  Here I take on the first quest in Voice of Isengard with my Superhero attachment deck, Fords of Isen.


I ship back my opening hand as being average and not containing either Shield of Gondor or Light of Valinor.  two key attachments.  I then proceed to draw: Master of the Frog, Light of Valinor, Silvan Refugee, A Test of Will, Galadhrim’s Greeting, and Warden of Healing.  A better hand than the first.


Stage 1A requires me to choose and place a Dunland enemy in the staging area.  I choose Dunland Berserker, “Forced: After the engaged player draws any number of cards, Dunland Berserker makes an attack.”  I also place Grima, attached to The Islet in the staging area.  I switch to stage 1B and place 5 time counters.  I must take control of Grima before the counters are gone or I lose.


My opening draw is Blade Mastery.  (I’ve tweaked my deck for this quest as you want low cost events and don’t want card draw.)  Play LoV on Glorfindel. Starting threat 28.


Turn 1

Quest with Glory and Strider, Reveal The King’s Road (threat 2).  5 vs 5. I must travel to The King’s Road as I have 5 or more cards in hand.  Really unfortunate.  Engage Dunland Berserker.  Play Blade Mastery on Boromir and defend.  Shadow card is “Discard an attachment you control.”  So long LoV.  That hurts.  No damage to Boromir.  Ready Boromir (threat 29) and kill DB with Boromir and Glory.  Ready everyone (threat 30).  Remove a time token (4) from the quest.


Turn 2

Draw Spear of the Citadel.  Play Master of the Frog and draw 5 cards.  Chose Light of Valinor and play it on Glory.  Five cards in hand and 1 resource on Boromir.  Quest with everyone (6).  Draw Dunland Prowler who has “While any player had 3 or more cards in hand DP gains surge.” And “While any player has 5 or more cards in hand, DP gains +1 threat.”  Surge is Dunland Tribesman :”When Revealed each player draw a card”.  Draw Protector of Lorien.  And “Forced: After a player draws any number of cards DT gets +1 threat until the end of the turn.”  Staging threat is 4 for 1 progress on King’s Road, which requires 5 because I have 5 or more cards in hand.


Engage Prowler.  Ready Boromir (threat 31) and defend with Boromir.  Shadow card is no effect, no damage.  Ready Boromir (T32) and crack back with Boromir and Glory.  Discard Prowler.  Ready everyone. (T33) and remove a Time counter (3).  Exhaust Master for Asfaloth.


Turn 3

Draw Celebrian’s Stone.  Play Silvan Refugee, play Protector of Lorien on Glory, play Spear of the Citadel on Boromir.


Quest with Glory, Strider, Boromir and Refugee (W8).  Reveal Dunland Berserker, staging threat 4, discard Celebrian’s Stone to PoL for 5 progress.  Discard The King’s Road and place 1 progress on quest.  Travel to The Islet, which now gives each Dunland enemy +1Threat.  Engage Berserker.  Ready Boromir (T34).  Berserker attacks and takes 1 damage from Spear.  Shadow card is a blank for no damage to Boromir.  Ready Boromir (T35) and attack with Boromir and Glory to discard Berserker.  Ready everyone (T36) and remove a Time counter from the quest (2).  Exhaust Master for Shield of Gondor.


Turn 4

Draw Faramir.  Play Shield of Gondor on Boromir.  Quest with Glory, Strider and Refugee (7).  Reveal Fords of Isen (T3)  Dunland Tribesman has (T1) for a total of (T4).  Collect The Islet as a VP, gain control of Grima (WP2), travel to Fords of Isen which has “Forced: After Fords of Isen becomes the active location, each player with fewer than 5 cards…”  So I do not trigger the forced effect.


Engage Dunland Tribesman, defend with Boromir  Shadow card gives Tribesman +1At so Boromir takes 1 point of damage.  Ready Boromir (T37) and kill Tribesman with Boromir and Glory.


Ready everyone (T38).  Exhaust Master but don’t hit any attachments.  Remove a Time counter from the quest (1), but as I have Grima now it doesn’t matter.  I know what’s coming as this is my 5th time through, and I decide to lay low for another turn or two.


Turn 5

Draw Light of Valinor.  Play Warden of Healing.  Quest with Glory, Refugee and Grima. (W7).  Reveal Down from the Hills.  “When Revealed each player must choose to remove a Time counter from the quest or search and reveal one Dunland enemy.  This cannot be cancelled if you have 5 or more cards in hand”.  I chose to reveal an enemy as I’m not quite ready to go on.  This is a debatable decision.  I put as Berserker into the staging area and discard Fords of Isen, then place one more progress on the quest.


Engage Berserker and defend with Boromir.  Shadow is no effect, and no damage is dealt to Boromir, but Berserker takes 1 from the spear.  Strider and Glory destroy Berserker.  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir.  Ready everyone, threat 39.  Exhaust Master for Burning Brand.


Turn 6

Draw Unexpected Courage.  Play it on Strider.  (6 cards in hand)  Quest with Glory, Refugee and Grima (7).  Draw Dunland Tribesman and draw another Master of the Frog.  7 WP vs 1 T = 6 progress and finishes 1B.  Proceed to 2A, all flavor and then 2B.  Which requires me to search and add a Dunland enemy to the staging area.  This card also has Time 2.  I take a Prowler which gains surge because I have 3 or more cards in hand.  Note that this is not a When Revealed effect.  Reveal Pillaging and Burning, which requires me to raise my threat by one for each card in my hand.  This is a When Revealed effect and I debate Testing it, but decide to take it and use Strider at the end of turn.  (T46)


Engage both Prowler and Tribesman.  Defend Prowler with Boromir.  No shadow, no damage.  Ready Boromir (47).  Defend Tribesman with Boromir.  Shadow is +2At if defending player has 3 or more cards in hand, so 2 damage to Boromir.  Ready Boromir (48).  Note that both took 1 damage from the spear, but it doesn’t really matter.  Attack Prowler with Glory and Strider, discard Prowler.  Ready Strider with UC and destroy Tribesman with Strider and Boromir.  Exhaust Warden to heal 1 damage on Boromir.


Ready everyone and trigger Strider’s ability to reduce threat back to 28.  Exhaust Master for Blade of Gondolin.


Turn 7

Draw Sword the was Broken.  Play Blade of Gondolin on Glory.  Play Asfaloth on Glory.  Quest with Glory, Strider, Grima and Refugee W9.  Ready Strider.  Reveal Fords of Isen T3.  Discard Faramir, Master of the Forge and Light of Valinor to Protector of Lorien for 9 progress on the quest (9/14).  Travel to Fords of Isen and draw a card to 5 in hand.  (Burning Brand).  Exhaust Asfaloth to place 2 progress on Fords.  Heal Boromir.  Ready everyone threat 29 and remove a Time counter from the quest (1).  Exhaust Master to draw Blade of Gondolin.


Turn 8

Draw Feint.  Play Blade of Gondolin on Glory.  Quest with Glory, Strider (ready UC), Grima and Refugee (W9).  Reveal Dunland Raider (T3).  Discard Burning Brand and Sword that was Broken to PoL for W11.  Exhaust Asfaloth to discard Fords of Isen.  Quest 2B is finished.


Quest 3A requires me to search the encounter deck and discard pile for 1 Dunland enemy and I go find a Berserker.  Quest 3B has Time 3.  I then play Galadhrim’s Greeting to reduce my threat by 6 to 23.  I engage Dunland Raider with three cards in hand… “Forced: After Dunland Raider engages a player that player must deal X damage among characters he controls where X is the number of cards in hand.  So Strider takes 2 and Glory 1.  Defend with Boromir (no shadow) and take 1 damage.  Ready Boromir (T24) and then destroy Raider with Glory, Strider and Boromir.  Two progress on the quest due to Blades of Gondolin.  Exhaust Warden to heal Strider and Boromir.


Ready everyone (T25).  Exhaust Master to draw Song of Wisdom.  Finally!  Remove a Time counter from 3B (2).


Turn 9

Draw Elrond’s Council.  Play Song of Wisdom on Boromir.  Play Burning Brand on Boromir.


Quest with Glory, Strider, Refugee and Grima (9).  Draw Ill Tidings, which is a card that goes into your hand to stay (adding to your hand size permanently).  Play Test of Will to cancel.  (By the Way, the reason that I did not play Elrond’s Council is that all enemies must be defeated in order to finish 3B and I want to make sure I can engage them all.  I don’t want my threat to be too low.)  7 progress towards the quest (9/16).


Engage Berserker.  Exhaust Boromir to defend.  Shadow is meaningless and no damage.  Ready Strider with UC and destroy Berserker.  Two more progress on the quest (11/16).  Exhaust Warden to heal Glory and Strider.  Ready everyone (T26) and Time (1).  Do not exhaust Master as I have all my pieces.


Turn 10

Draw Elrond’s Council.  Aww what the heck, play both ECs (T20) and quest for 11.  Reveal Gap of Rohan (T2) and game over.


Ten turns, final threat 20, no damage on anyone and NO GOOD GUYS DIED.


I deliberately didn’t tell you what would happen if the time counters run out on stages 2 and 3, but rest assured they’re bad.  Really bad.


As you might notice I removed all card draw from the deck except for the Masters.  The reason is the hand size punishment that the quest deals out over and over again.  Adding in Protector of Lorien (2) is huge, and I’ll probably go to 3.  While I never got my leadership cards rolling this time, I sometimes do and they take over the game, so they stay for now.

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Thanks for the report. The Quest sounds really interesting.


Have you tried your Mono Spirit Caldera deck? 

The Caldara deck is Tracker's in my opinion and while I have tried it, I haven't tried it here.  I think it might struggle on this quest as the Dunland enemies hit early and hard.

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Thanks for the report. The Quest sounds really interesting.


Have you tried your Mono Spirit Caldera deck? 

The Caldara deck is Tracker's in my opinion and while I have tried it, I haven't tried it here.  I think it might struggle on this quest as the Dunland enemies hit early and hard.



Thanks. ...and of course it is, my mistake. 

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