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Lord Kalten

Epic Space Marine

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Hi all,

I think that Fantasy Flight games has done an excellent job with getting games from Games Workshop like Talisman and making a really good 4th Edition.

If there is any game I think they'd do well, it's Epic Space Marine.

Games Workshop used to sell Warhammer and Warhammer 40K.  They then sold Space Marine (now known as Epic) and the 2nd Edition (like Talisman) blew everyone's socks off and became the main game people bought.

They bought out absolutely loads of expansions and the famous Titan Legions inwhich you could get the huge titans and gargants.

Then, they killed it by reinventing the rules to make it play faster and the game lost flavour.  They also did it to get people to rebuy all their miniatures.

It's survived as netEpic, but what's really needed is a company like Fantasy Flight Games to bring it out.  If they can bring out painted models like Hasbro Heroscape on the cheap, it will be wildly successful.

FFG did such a good job with Talisman, I'm sure that Epic will be brilliant also.

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