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Wedge, Deadeye, and Proton Torpedoes?

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I'm not trashing on VI but it only gets you to a five Skill on that Green squad A-wing.  My current TIE build doesn't have a pilot under a six because of VI.  I know in this game there is a situation for every list.  Also this debate comes down to the kind of list you would like to play.  I love missiles. I can do a ton of damage with two of them. I can for sure drop a ship.  I am also going to look at and try out every card I can to make that missile as destructive as I can. 

Is dead eye a great card?  NO

is it a dead card?  No

is it situational?  YEs

have I had success with it?  Ask the guy I smoked without loosing a ship Friday night.  Better yet, ask the two squint pilots that each took a homing missile to the cockpit for vaporization!  


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