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Macharian Almanac

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Hello to everyone.

Im quite new player from Poland and i want to present something made for my Dark Heresy group.

Wy had always problem with buing new equipment for our characters with all that available sourcebooks so i started to search for solution. After finding few excel sheet i thougt it wont be handy to rely on computer everytime when we wanted to buy new gun.

Finnaly i've found great work of MalikCarr: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=100&efcid=46&efidt=548787

After bit of brainstorming and tinkering and recieving permmision from autor to print i want to proudly present you the Macharian Almanac ( with projectlog :)

This was prototype. Basicly its was just about about 250 sheet protectors screwed togheter. On this picture you can also se black hinges added for measuring.


This old binder found in basement was great material for making covers for my book. I just made it more straight and cut desired shapes.




Here you can see it assemblet but still unfinished. Colour of old binder is ugly and just unffitting. So my basement was agin field of reasarch to find something suitable. It was old purple tablecloth.


So i glued it to the cover and sprayed gold title.





What do you think?



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Well, -I- certainly like it.

If I ever commit to a print version of the thing for normal purposes, I'm going to put it in this really old 3-ring United Business Service binder. It's somewhat similar to this one but with a circular device and a more aggressive-looking eagle in the middle.

For a volume all about weapons and gear, I find the motto "A Man's Judgment Is No Better Than His Information" to be a relevant thought.

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