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LCG night @ Great Escape Games, Sacramento, CA

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From the forums:
"Starting Feb 2nd ( a Saturday ) and Saturday evenings continuing, Gerardo and I will be running an LCG night at GE
For those who don't know, LCG is a card game format that uses non-random distribution. So when you buy a booster pack, you get a playset of all the cards in that pack, making it much easier to get the cards you want for your decks.
Gerardo and I are both very exited about Netrunner, an asymmetrical card game about hackers sabotaging megacorps in the future. I also am supper exited about the new Star Wars card game, which I don't think I need to explain the premise of. Both of these games are fairly new and have a small pool of cards, so now is the perfect time to get started.
Gerardo has also expressed interest in A Game of Thrones the card game, which is easily the best multiplayer card game there is.
Gerardo and I have multiple decks for all of these games, so if your interested come on in and try out one of these awesome games! Also feel free to message us if you have any questions."
Ill be there at 5p this Saturday.

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