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The Archer - scratchbuild Allied medium combat walker

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Hi there, this is my first post here and I would like to show you some pictures of my scratchbuild "Archer" Medium combat walker for the Allied Forces.

Since I have a big stock of old leftover At-43 walkers I intend to recycle these entirely for games of Dust Tactics. My Archer uses the legs and hip from a Red Blok Sierp walker. The chassis was scratchbuild using parts from a Revell LVT-(A)1 Amtank 1/35 scale, the turret is also from the same tank kit. Since I own two of these tank kits, I intend to build a second Archer walker in the very near future. The Archer was build with a modular layout in mind, hence the gun can be easily exchanged e.g. against a flamethrower. Main part of the gun is plastic rod and a GW flying stand rod.

Meanwhile it has seen quite some real combat action in games of Dust Tactics serving currently as proxy for the Pounder walker. It was painted with a winter/spring camoflage theme in mind. I will also create a special game card and some story fluff for it too, so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the pics!

Some more WIP & painted pics and along other dust tactic projects can also be found on my blog, please see my signature below. :)







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