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Imperial Money:

Imperial 5 Credit Bill
Imperial 10 Credit Bill
Imperial 20 Credit Bill
Imperial 50 Credit Bill
Imperial 100 Credit Bill
Imperial 500 Credit Bill
Imperial 1000 Credit Bill

Special facts:

- Each denomination shows the symbol of one of the adeptus in the high left, except the 1000C bill which depicts the emperor.

- Value is stated in numbers to the lower left an high gothic value on the lower right

- Bills are color coded and probably blind-readable.

- Motto under the aquila means : "Greed is the mother of all evil"


Yeah, i know, its far from being perfect, but i can´t motivate myself to do more work on it.

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I would love to make some vehicle templates in 25mm scale to push around on the gaming table. But i have a distinct lack of top-down photographs of 40k vehicles.

Can someone be bothered to make good top-down photographs? Would probably only take a few minutes. Would help the community. Think about it.

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