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Core Rulebook?

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Hello everybody!

Im desperatly looking for the CoreRuleBook of Fireborn!


First i made the mistake to think the "Game Master Book" would include the core rules, but it doesnt. (Besides its says "include ALL RULES for starting a fireborn campaign…) So i kept looking for the Core Rulebook… but it is nowhere to be found….

All Sellers of the PDF tell me that ist not available!

So im asking my self: Why (HELL!) would somebody offer supply books for are RPG without offering the Core Rulebook????


Or im just making a mistake????

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There is no single unified core rulebook for Fireborn, the GM's Handbook and Players Handbook go together to make what is now traditionally the Core rulebook.

This means you'll find the meat of the rules in the Players Handbook, with any GM specific extras in the GM book alongside the GM-only setting information.

Hope this helps


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