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The Professor

From the Jaws of Defeat…

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Fellow Arkhamites,

     During the last game in which Luke Robinson, Lily Chen, Lola Hayes, and Wilson Richards attempted to keep Yog-Sothoth at bay, it proved to be a nail-biter down to the very end.   While the game only lasted 15 turns, the game broke down into three very specific timeframes of preparation for the Investigators; mad dashes during the mid-game; and an amazing climax.

     The Investigators grabbed as many Clue Tokens as possible during the first few turns and by the end of the 5th Mythos Phase only three Gates had appeared on the board, and Luke managed to seal one with both Lily and Lola not too far behind in their respective Other Worlds.  In his travels, Wilson picked-up an Elder Sign and made his way toward a GateLuke could do no wrong, finding clues at every turn and decided to accept 5 Clue Tokens in exchange for being Cursed

     During the next phase, things didn't go as smoothly, as Luke unfortunately sealed a Gate which left Lola without an exit, forcing her to spend a few turns out in LiTaS.  While a fourth Gate was Sealed before Luke had his third Gate Trophy, he failed his Personal Story, along with both Lola who lost one from her maximum sanity and Wilson, who sacrificed eight Clue Tokens (probably should have used the Clue Tokens instead of the Elder Sign).  The only saving grace was Luke managed to discard his Curse.   A Rumor, Cursed Relics, wreaked havoc, as the Investigators had no Exhibit Items and needed the few Unique Items in their possession, which caused the Terror Level to skyrocket from 2 to 7 as we entered the last part of the game and there were 8 Doom Tokens upon the Doom Track.

      The first Mythos card for the last phase revealed a Double-Doomer, increasing the Doom Track to 10 and both Wilson and Lily were currently in Kingsport trying to obliterate a rift which opened only a few turns before they arrived.  Once diminished, Lily returned to Arkham to find a passage to an Other World, while Luke, in Dunwich, also headed for an open Gate.  Over the next two turns, Lola had returned to Arkham and sealed the fifth Gate, as both Lily and Luke moved from the first area of their separate Other Worlds.  The Doom Track moved one Doom Token closer (at 11) to bringing forth Yog-Sothoth and destroying the world.  It was then, that a miracle happened.  Lola, having returned to Arkham raced to the Science Building and her encounter proved most beneficial.  It read…

Baffled scientists show you a wax cylinder which has apparently recordded the voices of people in the future, warning of what is to come.  Make a Lore (-2) check If you pass, you may look at the top three cards of the Mythos deck and then return them to the top of the deck in any order you choose.

The first Mythos card revealed Hibb's Roadhouse, a location currently devoid of a Gate; the second would yield no Gates but add two Doom Tokens to the Doom Track; and finally the third displayed Independence Square, a location currenlty with a Gate and a place which caused several Monster SurgesLola, having successfully made the Lore check, retuned the Mythos Cards with the Independence Square card pulled during the Mythos Phase.  While monsters filled the locations of Arkham and Dunwich along with the Outskirts, Lily pushed through the Gate and discarded the required Clue Tokens to Seal the Gate after rolling the success required to Close it behind her.  Exhausted, the Investigators sought medical attention at both St. Mary's Hospital and the Arkham Asylum

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It was particularly funny because my girlfriend asked me how it was going the night before I played the last few rounds, and I must have sounded absolutely despondent.  Seriously, can Monopoly or Risk engender the types of feelings, whether dejection or exhiliration, like this game?  No!

Anyway, I know that I initially faced the last few rounds with less than an enthusiastic response, moving both Wilson and Lola to the Science Building.  When I saw Lola's encounter and then glanced to see that I had not moved her Lore/Luck slider for some time and it was set on '4' I did a little dance.  I didn't care if I blew through every Clue Token to make this Lore check.  Of course, after I successfully made the check and glanced at the first two Mythos cards, my heart sank again…you have to be kidding me…after all of this and a chance at redemption, you give me a location without a Gate and a Double-Doomer…really?!?!?!  Then, when I flipped over the last of the three Mythos cards to reveal Independence Square ~ Woo Hoo!

I've had close games, like the one played at Arkham Nights 2011 against Yig…it doesn't get any closer than that one…but this one will be remembered for a long time!   

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