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Android: Netrunner Scene in Malaysia

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I am a Netrunner fan from Malaysia and i am writing this to share some info on the Android: Netrunner (ANR) gaming scene here for the past 4 months. I consider myself as the official Tournament Organizer (TO) in Malaysia and it is quite worrying to see this is happening. 

At the moment, our Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/androidnetrunnermalaysia/)  has reached its 47th member and we hope to see it grow gradually. Our group has been tapped by the only official distributor of FFG games and were given special priced for Core Sets and Data Packs. 

We had our first congregation of players in form of Core Set launch party on 16th Dec recently with a brand new coreset as its main prize and we had 10 participants only. It was promising. And after that we had a "H@ckthon" tournament at a newly open shop during its opening weekend. 12 players participated. It was also the first time Game Night Kit were given as prize. 2 weeks after that we called for another shop initiated tournament with store credits as give aways and sadly there were no participants at all. 

Last Sunday (27th Jan) we did another tournament with Game Night kits as the main prize. We ha 8 players turned up. 


This is quite alarming as we love this game but it seems that it is not growing at the rate that is promising. 

Few factors that we feel contributed to this: 

1. Distribution of games were not as aggressive and we believe there were disputes between distributor and game shops. Some game shops are pro official distributor and some are not. Hence, the supply of the game night kits and data packs are always an issue. 

2. Many of players were weary of FFG's LCG format - AGoT and WI and believe that this game will share the same fate with them. It just dies off because of inconsistency of supply.

3. Organized play incentive is less attractive to players to come for tournaments. Players rather play at home casually and play with friends. Game night kits? a new playmat? so what? 

4. No shops here is registering for the regional plays and the registration closes in 2 days time.. 

if this goes on, i guess this game WILL fade off .. 


Please share with me how other gaming groups or tournament organizer does things to keep this game alive.. 

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