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Bad Luck with Splig

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Well, I just had horrible luck with Splig the other night in A Fat Goblin.

I failed my first Might 4 test to interrogate a prisoner--not good. Then I fail a second test. Aaah! The heroes are shredding my spiders and zombies. Finally I pass two tests, but they are not Frederick.

As the heroes confront Splig, I have an awesome hand of cards. Frenzy, Dash, the bonus Surge. But I have two tokens to interrogate. I have to play Frenzy and Dash on Splig at the start, not knowing whether he'll find Frederick. I have Hugo the Glorious (from DungeonQuest) in Splig's face. I make the test--pass! I flip over the token--no! I do manage to take out Hugo, but he was revived and plunged his sword into Splig (popped his feat).

Plus I failed maybe 3 / 4 tests to pass damage to adjacent goblins. Argh!

So 2 / 5 failed Might 4 tests, and I pick the wrong prisoner each time.

Well I won a book at a raffle earlier, so that used up my luck for the day. :-)

Any other tales of woeful luck out there?


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