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Multiple Timing Issues

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Some of the timing effects, especially where responses are concerned, are unclear.

It's clear that events like 'courtly schemes' can be used before the claim effect of a challenge is resolved because they can be played at any time during a challenge.

Card's like 'A lannister pays his debts' and 'Put to the sword' work after you win/lose a challenge. Since you win/lose a challenge and then execute the claim effect, does this mean that playing a response to winning/losing a challenge must occur before the claim effect is carried out?

So if I have Tywin with a bodyguard, and a nobody soldier, and I lose a military challenge, I might choose to kill the bodyguard. If the response is played after the claim effect, then Put To The Sword could be used to kill Tywin. But if the card must be played before the claim effect is resolved, then I can use the bodyguard to save Tywin from Put To The Sword, and choose to let the bodyguard die as a result of the claim effect. In this case I think the second example is right.

Gregor's ability states that it is carried out after a challenge is resolved. If someone defends against a military challenge by Gregor and uses Put To The Sword to kill him, does he die before the challenge resolves? My instinct says yes, because, as noted above, the challenge is 'won' by the Stark player before it is resolved (before the claim effect is carried out). So Gregor is no longer around after the challenge resolves and can't kill one of the participating characters.

Lannister guards can draw a card after you reveal a plot. They key word here is AFTER. If the plot kills them, intuition suggests that they won't be around afterwards. But then the rulebooks says this about the order of resolving plot cards.

- Both players reveal simultaneously
- The first player is determined
- The first player's 'when revealed' effects for his plot are carried out
- The second player's 'when revealed' effects for his plot are carried out

So many things happen between the plots being revealed, and the 'when revealed' effects being carried out. It seems that you could play your response when the plot was revealed before the first player is chosen, then the guards wouldn't die until afterwards when the effects are resolved.

I think this is a correct RAW interpretation, but it seems odd that an "After revealing" effect should go before a "When revealed" effect.

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