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i have some questions about creatures and npc's.

I have the Creature vault since i like the cards as quick reference more then sheets in the books. But i dont have the Creature guide.

1:   The rule is that a group of npc have the same stats, cards and dice.

When a player attacks the group and deals damage this is reduced from the total number of wounds. eg 3 npc wih total of 12 wounds. When 4 damage is dealt this means 1 npc is dead and anotherone has 1 wound. But this is calculated on the soak valua of only one npc (eg stat is 1 soak)? This seems to me as incorrect since both npc have soak…

2:   I presume creatures, npc have 1 free manouevre as PC have (where is it mentioned)?

3:   Each manoeuvre extra is turned into a wound since fatigue doesnt apply to NPC. And stress also?

4:   Does anyone play NPC's as if they are PC in terms of fatigue and stress? I find this tempting because in that way NPC can get Insane or strained etc

5:   How many action cards can NPC have? (where is it mentioned?) 

6:   If one action card is used all other henchmen in group cant use it anymore untill it has recharged. This reduces the flexibility of use… no 2 npc in group can use the same card in the same turn. PC know then that this attack wont be played for a while etc…. what do you think of this?

7:   The A/C/E gives the number of dice that can be rolled during encounter. Is this number multiplied?  for a group of eg 6 henchman( 3x6=18?)?

8:   The misfortune dice count against the (fortune) dice pool (A/C/E).?

9:   On the creature cards from the Vault there are some cards having a sword on them or 2 swords eg. on the Wargor, Miniataur. What does those mean?


thanks beforehand





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