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kronous beastary in the vortex

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just got done playing around with the creature generater at the end of the book and had gotten several "warped" results. after finishing up i got tpo wondering how would these creatures look if i had used the gifts of the gods table instead. some of the wierder results follow.

note all of these where made using the charts in the back with the addition of the warped results( ie one role on gifts of gods table added to each"

also as i dont have the sheets infront of me i might be mixing some of them up, if so i appologise

miniscule scavenger, deadly natural weapons, flexable, magnificent horns

passave trap, large plant, armoured(twice) flaming skull

massave herd beast, quadtroped, projectial attack, armoured, mechanoid

and a slew of others.

just thought i would i would post this to see if anyone else had tryed this idea, and to give ideas if they had not.

also the primative xeno generator can be lots of fun if your heratics need some cannon fodder…lol

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I have Koronus Bestiary and use it in my Deathwatch Game of which is a mix montage of Deathwatch, Dark Heresy, Black Crusade and Rogue Trader. I've come to find out that any release of new monster Bestiaries is something I'm willing to invest in as a GM. I feel it helps me look up quick stats for creatures that I want to use as well as coming up with awesome encounters. While I havent used the generator I'm familiar with the Gift of the Dark Gods and think that is a fabulous idea. You have to watch on somethings though. Some gifts are really powerful and would totally overpower a new Compact. For example Pseudo Daemonhood. Basically anyone with this gift recieves a fear 4 rating. Really?

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