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Homebrew Class rules for playing a arbites judge

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I'll have some more feedback once I've done PRECIOUS MATH, but these are my initial thoughts.

1) Make Ballistic Skill an average skill advance path and "Willpower" a common one, I always picture Judges as being an absolute hardliner for Imperial Law, and this seems more appropriate.

2) Raise the Fellowship a hard skill advance path, as the only class with two "Hard" skill advances is the Rogue Trader, everyone else has three. The arbites are not very reassuring anyway.

3) If you're thinking of special talents then I recommend something similar to what the Seneschal has, where they can spend a Fate Point to get 1d5-1 shifts of success on Command, Interrogate, Inquiry, Intimidate, or Tracking


It's certainly shaping up to be a good class I think!

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Alright, I have done a little bit of math (which may be incorrect) and you can view the results here:




So as you can see you're a little over in terms of what you can buy (on average) at every rank, especially Rank 1. I recommend the following changes.


Rank 1 - Remove Iron Jaw, Takedown and 1 Sound Constitution

Rank 2 - Remove Carouse, 1 Sound Constitution and Hardy. Add Iron Jaw at 200 and Takedown.

Rank 3 - Remove Sprint and Unremarkable (the LAW is not unremarkable). Reset Jaded  and Sprint to 200. Add back in Hardy at 500

Rank 4 - Remove Peer (Rogue Traders), Contortionist and Chem-Use. Set Light Sleeper to be 200. Add Climb at 200

Rank 5 - Remove Two Weapon Wielder. Replace Climb with Climb +10

Rank 6 - Remove Carouse + 10  and Chem-Use +10


An Arbites Judge has to be a symbol for his men and everyone to follow, so I have removed Chem-Use and Carouse (as with his Toughness he can make straight Toughness tests quite well). Since they're meant to be used in formatio nand the slow wheels of inexorable justice, I took out Two Weapon Wielder as judges should wield shotguns and power mauls, not dual pistols at least in my mind.

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