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Missing Classes?

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Was discussing a character class for a player, and noticed something missing from the options.

The Domine archetype seems to have less combinations than the other classes.  There's no domine mystic, domine psychic, or domine prowler.  Strangely, the last one would make the most sense to have, but I'm curious as to why these three combinations would be missing from the game.

Let's see:  Fighter, Prowler, Domine, Mystic, Psychic.

Fighter / Prowler (Shadow), Fighter / Domine (Tao), Fighter / Mystic (Warlock), Fighter / Psychic (Warrior Mentalist)

Prowler / Domine (No), Prowler / Mystic (Illusionist), Prowler / Psychic (No)

Domine / Mystic (No), Domine / Psychic (No)

Mystic / Psychic (Wizard Mentalist)

Actually… a prowler / psychic would also be a good combination as well.  I wonder why that's missing, too?

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Shadow Mentalist

Archetype:  Prowler, Psychic

Life Point Multiple:  20

Life Points:  +5 / Level

Initiative: +5 / Level

Martial Knowledge:  +20 / Level

Innate Psychic Points:  +1 / Level

Primary Abilities

Combat Ability:  Limit 50%

+1 Attack:  2

+1 Block:  3

+1 Dodge:  2

+1 Wear Armour:  3

+1 Ki:  3

Accumulation Multiple:  25

Supernatural Ability:  Limit 50%

+5 Zeon: 3

MA Multiple:  70

+1 Magic Projection: 3

+1 Summon:  3

+1 Control:  3

+1 Bind:  3

+1 Banish:  3

Psychic Ability:  Limit 50%

Psychic Points:  15

Psychic Projection:  2

Secondary Abilities

+1 Athletics:  2

+1 Social:  2

+1 Perceptive:  2

+1 Intellectual:  3

+1 Vigour:  3

+1 Subterfuge: 2

+1 Creative: 2

Reduced Costs


Innate Bonuses


+5 Dodge / Level (maximum +50)


+10 Notice per Level

+10 Search per Level

+10 Hide per Level

+10 Stealth per Level


+5 per Level to the ability to Ki Concealment (only if developed)


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I believe I've already posted my "specialist classes" among which a Prowler-Psychic should be found (an Assassin variant of the Warrior Mentalist).

Anyway, this class seems rather balanced BUT it should be allowed to spend 60% on Psychic Abilities, just like other Prowler-Dual Archetype characters (Illusionist spends 60% on Mystic Abilities, Shadow/Ranger spend 60% on Combat Abilities).

My two cents.

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I think there's a couple of reasons there aren't many Domine-based mixed classes.

The first is that EVERYONE has access to Ki, even if it's not very much in some cases.  So a Warrior Mentalist, Warlock or Warrior Summoner is effectively also fairly close to being a Domine-Psychic or Domine-Mystic class.  And even Wizards, Mentalists, Illusionists, Summoners and Wizard-Mentalists have SOME Ki which they can fall back on, if they really need to.

The second reason is that, given the fact that you have a limit on how much you can spend on each type of Primary, if you add in Ki-use as a fundamental part of a mixed-class, you'll either be lowering the amount spent on Attack & Defend or lowering the amount you spend on Supernatural or Psychic powers.  Meaning you will either suck as a fighter or suck as a Psi-/Magic-user.  And if it's not a fundamental part, but just an option into which you can invest if you choose…… well, that's basically a Fighter mixed class.  So there's not much point.

A Domine-Prowler class is somewhat more workable, but since you can't give it as high skill bonuses as a Shadow or Ranger (due to getting other benefits of being a Domine), and you can't give it as good a KA Multiple or MK-per-level as a Tao (unless you strip them of their Martial Arts, due to getting other benefits of Prowler), you end up with a class that would be better served as either a Tao/Tech with some skills investment (even taking a Natural Learner in Perception or Subterfuge skills) or a Shadow with all your spare Combat Primaries dumped in Ki stuff.  Personally, I'm just starting up now with a Tao who will flick back and forth occasionally from being a Shadow through class-changing.  Fulfills the same purpose.

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The problem with changing classes is the two-level delay before you can flip over.  Though, admittedly, there is an advantage you can take to speed things along there, if you really want to go for it.  The benefit of the domine is picking up the martial knowledge - the amount a prowlre gets is between 20 to 25 per level, and a domine gets 50 per level.  If you make a domine-blended class you'd get probably the 30 per level, which is a significant boost for a character.  It allows you to get Use of Ki at first level with one or two martial arts, and you'll be more likely to pick up something else on top of that.

Though, admittedly, I'm sort of peeved that you have to blow advantage points to be a psychic or mage, even if you take a psychic or mage-based class.  I really don't understand that - you're already dividing your points potentially in different fields, having to also blow your precious background points on magic or psionics on top of that?  Oy.

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Trust me - if you DIDN'T have to spend CP on The Gift or Access to Psychic Disciplines, those classes would be HORRIBLY broken, very quickly.

As it is, a Warrior Mentalist is the single most dangerous class in the game low levels.  If he got access to his psychic powers for free?  *shudder*

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Yeah, once this rule was figured out (and made clear), a few characters were adjusted - one of the characters shifted specifically to Technician, another went Paladin.  It was interesting to watch.

But seriously, they could have saved 'The Gift' and 'Gain Psychic Ability' for people who don't take those classes, and adjusted the classes so they were balanced without having to take the advantages.  Ah well, no problem in the long run.

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I think you missed that their are Advantage sinks for every class, not just those two.  Domine classes are all but required to blow 2-3 points on the advantage that delivers Martial Knowledge if they want to have anything other than a single technique (and sometimes not even that) at level one.

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Shadow Mentalist[/size]

Archetype:  Prowler, Psychic[/size]

Life Point Multiple:  20[/size]

Life Points:  +5 / Level[/size]

Initiative: +5 / Level[/size]

Martial Knowledge:  +20 / Level[/size]

Innate Psychic Points:  +1 / Level[/size]

Primary Abilities[/size]

Combat Ability:[/size]  Limit 50%[/size]

+1 Attack:[/size]  2[/size]

+1 Block:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Dodge:[/size]  2[/size]

+1 Wear Armour:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Ki:[/size]  3[/size]

Accumulation Multiple:[/size]  25[/size]

Supernatural Ability:[/size]  Limit 50%[/size]

+5 Zeon:[/size] 3[/size]

MA Multiple:[/size]  70[/size]

+1 Magic Projection:[/size] 3[/size]

+1 Summon:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Control:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Bind:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Banish:[/size]  3[/size]

Psychic Ability:[/size]  Limit 50%[/size]

Psychic Points:[/size]  15[/size]

Psychic Projection:[/size]  2[/size]

Secondary Abilities[/size]

+1 Athletics:[/size]  2[/size]

+1 Social:[/size]  2[/size]

+1 Perceptive:[/size]  2[/size]

+1 Intellectual:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Vigour:[/size]  3[/size]

+1 Subterfuge:[/size] 2[/size]

+1 Creative:[/size] 2[/size]

Reduced Costs[/size]


Innate Bonuses[/size]


+5 Dodge / Level[/size] (maximum +50)[/size]


+10[/size] Notice per Level[/size]

+10[/size] Search per Level[/size]

+10 [/size]Hide per Level[/size]

+10[/size] Stealth per Level[/size]


+5[/size] per Level to the ability to [/size]Ki Concealment[/size] (only if developed)[/size]

Elric is right about the 60%, it should be 60% with PP cost of 15, just as the Illusionist is 60% with an MA Mult of 60 as opposed to the Warlock with his 50% and an MA Mult of 50.

Similarly, no Prowler gets +5 to multiple combat abilities... this class should be limited to +5 Dodge, with no Attack bonus.

Lastly, I would recommend that you change Notice/Search to 5 each, and add a reduced cost to Withstand Pain and Composure (2 each). With your high willpower, those are 2 skills you'd expect all psychic/prowler types to have/want.

I made a similar class, called it "Wraith", and focused more on an intruder type theme, so rather than the Notice/Search, I went +5 to Sleight of Hand and Lock Picking. I have the initial Attack costs at 3 instead of 2, and do not have the Ki Concealment bonus. Of course the class has 60% and 15 for PPs, and only a per-level bonus to Dodge.

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