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God bless your screwed-up knee!

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Yesterday's game: Tsathoggua doesn't impose many harsh rules, but he's nigh-impossible in combat. So we HAVE to seal him.
Things start slow. Slow uptake on the doom track. So when we're offered an awesome ally at the cost of adding a doom token, we jump at it. This ally (Professor Rice) adds nearly 20 clues to the board. We literally run out of tokens soon after and have to use substitutes.
Later, Act I comes into play. Just to be safe, and since the doom track is low, we add another doom token.
It was a long time until the first seal went down, but they all trickle in slowly. Twice we were taunted with the ability to win by closing gates, but it didn't work out. Ah well, the seals are coming in. Eventually, we have five down, and TWO investigators coming out to lay the sixth, and final, seal. If a Mythos card bursts a seal, we'll be all right.
Mythos card: "No one can help you now. Gates cannot be sealed."
It was in play for FOUR TURNS. A rift opened in Kingsport and started taunting us. The doom track climbed to 12 out of 13!
The guy in Kingsport is desparately trying to close the rift lest it add the last doom token and screw us. He gets an encounter where some old guy says he can predict the weather with his bum knee. Make a Luck -1 check.
She fails.
Knowing that we're boned in combat and clues are discarded against this guy anyway, she starts chewing through her EIGHT clues. she almost has to blow them all to get that success. The reward? "You may remove an environment card from play."
Miles seals his gate. Tsathoggua goes back into a deep slumber. That game very nearly made me rip my jaw off.


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