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Population & Stability MOD

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Hi friends,

Here you have the rules and chart files for the P&S MOD. Any comments or ideas will be more than welcome at







- too military oriented.

- no real balance between victory paths, buildings and techs

- no internal civilization management


design principles 

- Create civilization internal management feeling

- Balance the different victory paths

- Make all components equally useful (buildings, techs,…etc)

- Only use original components

- Keep rules simple






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We have enjoyed more than 30 4players games in our civ group. Most of them decided on a militaristic race. We were happy with that, but felt some unbalance. 
We have found on the testing process of this MOD that everybody must pay great attention to the consequences of their decisions. You´re not only playing against the other civilizations but your own population. 
Any victory path is achievable, but the best of this MOD is:
When you win, you feel that you managed correctly your people and they carried you to victory. That´s a great discovered feeling.
Testing result with the 2.0 version: 
Rusia Wins 3,30hr tech
Roma Wins 1.50hr cultural
United States
Greece Militar 2.30hr militar
All the players that have tried it, would not play again without the P&S MOD
We have worked very hard on tis MOD project, and we can guarantee to any tester, that a game with this MOD will be at least as satisfying than an original one. And you will face great concepts used on the PC or Through The Ages like stability and population

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