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operation hades, scenario 3 build

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Ok, as the attacker has to get into the building I expect they will be infantry heavy with anti-inf mech support, this normally means good at AA to, so no helicopters.  So, Im thinking…
Winter Child for his speed to get to where he needs to be and the damage he can cause.
Nikita and 2 observers, she can pop out at the bottom edge if need be if safe to do so for a better rate of fire.
Babuska at the top to lay down cross fire from the top, she should be fairly well protected up there from mech fire.
2 Sniper squads and a Rifle squad for long range shots squad for long range shots and take out any flame throwers.
2 MG squads for a good amount of damage at range 4.
2 Chinese to take down any unit that gets into the building
And Red Thunder as it makes up the points exactly and gives a hefty punch against any walkers that get to close. 
Let me know how it goes so I can change It for my battle.

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