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Lets talk dice: which ones do you need / run out of?

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We were playing last night and our group of 4 players has 4 extra dice sets and the Core.  We perpetually run out of enough black and purple dice.


Which ones are you all running out of?   I'm going to make  a JPEG for stickers probably for at least the black dice since the customer service line of "more dice just around the corner" has gotten a little stale over the last 8 months…


Which do you run out of?



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Having stickers for ALL the dice would be REALLY nice!   and a link to a manufacturer that sells blanks :


You can choose your shape, color, and size, and can order them in "blanks".   A nice template that would accomodate 16mm dice with the various symbols and you are in business,…  

I agree, far far too long on waiting to "see" if they are ever going to have a re-order. I have heard of people actually purchasing product and NOT being able to even play the game because of this absurdity,….   WAY past time for the "community" to take action and create their own,…..  

A little blurb about recommended quantity of each color for to create a  "set" per player would add quite a bit too. 

Personal recomendation:


5 blue

4 red

4 green

4 purple

4 white

4 black

and 3 yellow

This way, as your character advances you will not have to re-order dice. You can use less, but this way NOBODY will have to share ANY dice. Players can put together their pools without disturbing the acting player.   Makes the game move a long a little faster in my opinion,.. 

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