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Knife at your back (lannister deck)

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Hi everybody!!

Sorry my english. In the spanish version of this oficcial deck there are only 58 cards, i think is a print problem. There are only two atacchments. Is it possible that someone who bought the english version tell me which are the forgotten cards?? (it´s possible that the are attachments….)


Tx everydody!!!

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TheSentinel said:

Nobody knows??


Is there the same mistake in the English version?

Can you post the decklist? It's not online anywhere and would help for reference. I threw mine away and just kept the cards.

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Here is the list from the english LoR expansio excluding Plot deck:



Joffery Baratheon (LoR) x1

Cersei Lannister (LoR) x 1

Tyrion Lannister (LoR) x 1

Bronn (LoR) x1

Ser Gregor Clegane (LoR) x1

Tywin Lannister (LoR) x1

Ser Armory Lorch x1

Ser Kevan Lannister x 1

Ser Adam Marbrand x 1

Ser Ilyn Payne x 1

Jamie Lannister (Core) x 1

Chella, Daughter of Cheyk x 1

Raff the Sweetling x1

Ser Jacelyn Bywater x 1

Enemy Informer x 1

Cersei's Attendant x 1

Lannisport Steward x 1

Lannisport Weaponsmith x 1

Lannisport Moneylender x 3

Doubting Septa x 3

Tribes of the Vale x 3

Brothel Guard x 3

Arrogant Contender x 2



Casterly Rock x 3

Street of Steel x 1

Shadowblack Lane x 1

Stret of Sisters x 1

Lannisport Treasury x 3

Sunset Sea x 3

The Goldroad x 2

Golden Tooth Mines x 1

Lannisport Brothel x 1

The Iron Throne x 1


Terminal Schemes x 3

A LAnnister Pays His Debts x1

I'm You Writ Small x 1

Insidiou Ways x 1

Distaction x 1

The Lion's Will x 1

You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf x 1



Vat of Wild Fire x 2


I hope this helps.


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