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Scotland Yard?

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schmoo34 said:

So is this just a fancier/deeper version of Scotland Yard?  I see potential here…would prefer something more original, but I've enjoyed Scotland Yard and would enjoy something deeper.

This has been my first thought, too. But even if it turns out to be similar to SY, the Ripper twist sounds intriguing. Like you, I loved SY and would certainly love to test this one at a given opportunity.

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After playing it...


I do understand this is a remake from some other game from 2011.  But THAT game in 2011 is basically Scotland Yard on Steroids.


And before I get flamed, I say that there is nothing wrong with that...and all of the "steroids" are wonderful.


Jack has to make kills over several days.  (that is a new concept from Scotland Yard)


Jack performs hidden movement in the streets of London.  The gameboard, the hidden movement, everything is near identical to Scotland Yard.


Also the police moving around is near identical to Scotland Yard.


Here is where they differ:


Police aren't restricted with Taxi, subway, bus tokens.  In some respects, this is good, but it is also bad.  THe police can't move as quickly around the map as a result.  But it makes them able to remain in the game to the very end.


Jack can have a policeman move through him and unless/until an arrest is performed he is fine.


Investigating vs arresting


The whole cat & Mouse dynamic prior to the kill (which is a big part of the game)


The fact that it occurs over multiple days.


The concept of a hideout.


Instead of black tickets and taking the ferry, they implemented stagecoaches (which replaced the x2 token) and alleyway movement (which is much more powerful than the black ticket)


The fact that Jack and the police use different squares for movement.


At the end of the day, this truly is Scotland yard on steroids.  I do enjoy everything about this game that makes it different from Scotland Yard.  The similarities are almost criminal, at times.  If you've played Scotland Yard, you will understand the concepts behind this immediately.  The cat & mouse part will be new for you...and it is important.  The concept of the hideout changes Jack's strategies quite a bit.  And even though Jack can't go through a police officer, a police officer can go through him.  All of that takes some getting used to.


It takes much longer to play this game than Scotland yard as well.

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