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Stronger Together : Seattle area tournament Sun Feb 10, 2013

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"Stronger Together"

What : Seattle area Android : Netrunner tournament

When : 11 am registration, 12 pm first match
       Sunday, Feb 10 2013

Where : Commons area at the Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park,
    17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park WA 98155
    served by the 522 Sound Transit bus route

Prizes : a free copy of the next to-be-released data pack to the winner

Format : FFG tournament format (Swiss pairings by prestige points),
    65 minute rounds, 4 to 5 rounds with a possible final,
    depending on attendance

Cost : Free!

Pre-Register :

Brought to you by Jinteki Inc ( and )

Please plan on showing up by 11:30, so that initial pairings can be
made in time for a prompt start at noon.

Please bring :
    valid runner and corp decks.  Use any cards from the core set,
    What Lies ahead, and Trace Amount. In the event that the next
    expansion, Cyber Exodus, comes out before then, the new cards
    will NOT be allowed.  Old WotC Netrunner cards are not valid.

    pen or pencil

    counters / tokens / etc

Stay in touch with the Seattle area Netrunner players at

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Our big winner was Alex, with his Kate + Weyland combo. Out of 5 rounds, with 30 possible prestige points, he faced most of the other top players and still came away with 28 prestige points. Congrats to Alex! He'll be enjoying a free copy of the next data pack courtesy of

A few interesting stats :
20 attendees, as compared to about 14 last time : the event and game is growing.

The overall win/loss ratio between Runner and Corp is extremely close. We had a total of 42 matches in 5 rounds (we had 7 people drop from the final two rounds), so 84 individual games; of the 81 of those that finished, the split was nearly even between runner and corp.

14 of the Corp wins were from flatlining the runner, so that is roughly one-third of the corp wins. Most of those came from Weyland, with Jinteki a distant second, but even HB and NBN managed to get at least one each. Riley's Weyland deck brought in the most heads with 3.

Here are the standings (name, factions, prestige) of the top half of the field, thanks to everyone who came out. Sorry I didn't take notes on everyone's factions, so a few below are missing.

Alex, Weyland / Kate, 28
Brendan, HB / Kate, 22
Brian, HB / Noise, 20
Anthony G, Weyland / Kate, 19
Riley, Weyland / ?, 18
Andrew, Weyland / Kate, 17
Anthony R, NBN / Whizzard, 15
Aaron, HB / ?, 15
Peter, NBN / Whizzard, 13
Yuri, ? / Gabe, 13

(the remaining scores withheld to protect the innocent tongue.gif)

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